As people are becoming more aware of the health issues that sitting at a desk all day can cause, more and more people are turning to practical solutions that allow them to work in a variety of positions. The Varidesk Pro Plus is Varidesk’s best-selling height-adjustable desk, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your workspace. Available in white, black, dark wood, ‘butcher block’ and ‘zebra wood’, the Pro Plus also comes in three sizes - 30inch, 36inch or 48inch - so you can find the perfect desk for your set-up.

The Pro Plus has a two-tiered design that gives you a spacious upper area for your laptop and single or dual-monitor setup, whilst the lower tier can be used for a full-sized keyboard and mouse with space for a graphics pad or note book. The largest model (Pro Plus 48) will hold up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg). Like all Varidesk products it arrives fully assembled and doesn’t require any screws, clasps or installation of any kind. Not only does this mean you can get your desk up and running straight away, but it also means you can easily move it if you switch desks or change jobs.

The Pro Plus simply sits on top of an existing desk and has a weighted base that it remains sturdy and stable even when fully extended. To open it out, you use the Icon-Dual Handle system - just squeeze the handles and you can either raise or lower the desk in seconds without any effort, due to the spring-assisted mechanism that does all the hard work for you (adjustable to 11 different heights). The Pro Plus was easy to use - we just popped it on the desk (this is a two-person job) and covered it in work rubbish. One thing that would be useful would be a hole to feed the cables through, as this would stop them moving about when you raise and lower the desk and allow you the put it flush against the wall. It was smooth and effortless to adjust and the whole thing has a clean high-quality finish (we tested the black, 36inch version). I found myself continually adjusting it and moving my body in the process, which was a great way to encourage movement and good posture throughout the working day. RRP £365

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4.5 out of 5


Looks great


Five designs and three sizes available

No assembly or installation required

Two tires

Easy to adjust


Nowhere to feed cables through