Dermadry Total is a clinically proven iontophoresis machine that treats excess sweatiness. Suitable for hands, feet and underarms, the issue Dermadry tackles feels a little icky to talk about, but that’s exactly why this is such a useful device! No one wants sweaty hands or feet, and they definitely don’t want those embarrassing underarm stains, and yet, it can happen to any of us. To some, it happens more easily than others, and that’s where Dermadry comes in.

Dermadry Total is a non-invasive treatment, tackling excess sweat without surgery, needles or drugs. Usable at home and easy to operate by yourself, there’s minimal faff. Treatment sessions take 15-20 minutes, and each one can provide up to six weeks of dryness. Don’t expect an instant fix on your first session, though: although there seems to be a bit of a difference after the first try, this could be the power of suggestion. However, after two weeks of treatments, 92.9% of patients see lasting results.

On unpacking, the Dermadry Total instantly looks like a serious piece of kit. It comes in a medical looking, solid white case, with everything you need inside from towels to electrodes – yes, electrodes. Its professional look is a little daunting, but setting up the Dermadry is in fact extremely easy, even if it does involve pouring water onto towels that are right beside electricity. That feels like a big no-no, but this device seems very safe, and is extremely straightforward to use.

For hands and feet, simply set up the electrodes, plug them in to the adapter and device, place wet towels over them, and set the treatment running. 20 minutes later, clean up and you’re done! For underarms, the set-up is basically the same, but with smaller electrodes that slip into pouches that you can wet and hold under your arms. If you’re unsure, you can watch the video guides on their website, which were brilliantly simple to follow.

The Dermadry Total is suitable for 13 years and up. It’s clinically tested, and if you want to read more about the science, it breaks it down carefully on their website. There’s also a list of potential side effects, and a list of medical conditions that mean you shouldn’t use the device. Read carefully before you purchase!

If you’re searching for a solution to excess sweat, then this technology could be for you. It’s safe, it’s tested, dermatologists stand by it, and it’s far cheaper than invasive alternatives – so why not give it a try? RRP £274

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4 out of 5

Doable at home
Simple and straight forward
Short treatment sessions

Water + electricity seems scary!