Victorinox Expedition Kit

In the UK we have a thing called the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’, which was a programme set up by Prince Phillip to get lazy teenagers out in the world completing various tasks to get a badge and brag about it on your University application or CV. The real reason anyone ever participated was for the expedition section of the scheme - this meant, at 14-years old, you and you mates were set lose in the countryside to navigate to a certain area and set up camp for the night, whilst a teacher would hop from pub to pub “keeping an eye” on everyone.


This year I seem to be constantly training for one sports event or another. Having previously got terrible times for both the London Marathon and Great North Run, I was taking no chances with a 10k in my home city, and with all the gadgets I was taking out for a run, I was resembling Robocop more than Paula Radcliffe. I was pleased to see the Stryd was both a compact and discrete little running gadget.


Puro Sound Labs – Volume Limited Kids' Headphones

As much as we moan about the kids of today being glued to screens, to be honest it can be a life saver keeping them entertained in awkward moments, long car journeys, queuing for anything and boring family functions. What isn’t as helpful is having to listening to the game/kid’s show/god awful pop band on repeat. Headphones are an excellent choice to alleviate the assault on your ears, however you don’t want them to wind up with hearing problems before they have had a chance to destroy them at various metal gigs when they are older.

RAC 225 S Super HD Dash Cam

Just like the internet and mobile phones, what was once a luxury can become necessity and the Dash Cam is no different, it has become even more vital for me since we have recently had 20km of dual carriage way added to our local area, with many roundabouts, an unnecessary amount of lanes that make zero sense, that have led to numerous accidents and constant cut up (I will save the rest of my rant for my local MP), so evidence has become a must. The RAC 225S Super HD dash cam, is a compact forward-facing camera with GPS, packed full of functions to help kee


There are so many fitness trackers out there that cover a wide variety of sports, often running focused with attention to heart rates and step count, however there isn’t a huge amount out there for football enthusiasts in the mid-price range. The PLAYR is a pod style tracker than needs to be used with the SmartVest, which are unisex and come in sizes from XXS-XXL.