Qvia QR790S Quad + Full HD 2CH

The QR790S Quad is the first Quad HD dash Camera on the market. Created by Qvia, this dash cam system comes with both front and rear cameras, the front camera has Quad HD resolution (2560x1440p) whilst the rear has Full HD (1920x1080p) at 30fps. The Front camera also features a Sony STARVIS Sensor this provides a clear and sharp image in both high and low light conditions, the rear camera uses the Sony Exmor Sensor which works at a low definition but still provides good quality images.

Digitsole Warm Series Smart Heating Insoles

I have been waiting for a product like this to land on my desk for a while; all the women in my family have zombie feet: they move around like living feet but are basically cold and dead inside. I spend six months of the year in double socks trying to avoid the inevitable onset of painful chilblains and can chase my husband out of a room by placing a frozen big toe on any part of his body, it’s like an incredibly lame super power - just call me Captain Frost Feet!

Smart Turn System Brake Module

From the makers of the Smart Turn System, an automatic indicator deactivator which prevents the rider from accidently leaving their indicator on and running the risk of causing an accident, the Brake Module has been designed with the similar ideas at its core: make motorcyclists intentions and actions more visible to other road users.

Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse

Moleskine was founded in 1997 with the vision to breathe life back into the legendary notebook used by artists and creators such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. In their effort to ensure their relevance in the modern world, they have created a series of digital pens and accessories to form a bridge between old fashioned pen and paper and contemporary technology.