Headway EDB-2

The latest addition to the Headway Music Audio collection of Acoustic Pickups and Pre-amps is the EDB-2. Following from the success of the ‘EDB-1 Equaliser Direct Blend Pre-Amp’, Headway have made some improvements, including refined class “A” inputs and Pro Audio IC Components, an easy to read Pro-Audio design layout, as well as a new strong metal body.

EarlySense Percept Contact Free Fertility Tracker

Thanks to the useless sex education classes we received in school, you could easily be led to believe that you could fall pregnant from simply holding hands. Now a lot of my friends are actually trying to get pregnant on purpose, it turns out it can be a lot harder than we were once told!

Dakine Travel Tool Kit

Whenever I’m in an airport, no matter how many times I’ve travelled, I always turn from a semi-normal, functioning human being into panicking forgetful mess…did I pack my own bag?! Yes, I think so, or did I forget and let that shady looking bloke with his exotic herb collection do it? Do I have any restricted items in my case? No, of course not, or did I accidently put in my carving knife?!?!

Bjorn Borg Performance Shorts and Tee

With a brand name inspired by the former world’s No. 1 Swedish tennis player, Bjorn Borg have been producing sports apparel since 1984, specialising in sports underwear. My partner came home from a particularly bouncy HIIT class rather red-faced, telling me that he never realised his junk jumped around as much as it did until he ended up in front of the gyms mirror, to which I simply rolled my eyes and said, “why do you think girls were sports bras?”

Ameo Powerbreather Sport

Have you ever been snorkelling in some beautiful, exotic location - immersed in the world under the sea, only to have the magic shattered by accidently inhaling three pints of salt water and surfacing spluttering for air in front of a beach full of holiday makers? It can’t have just been me, right? The Ameo Powerbreather Sport does more than let you freak out tiny fish (although this is a bonus), it allows to you breathe more naturally and focus on your swimming without having to turn your head or clear the snorkel.

Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit - Click to see the full review

If you have mastered the Nanopresso and want to increase your coffee fix, the Barista Kit expands your Nanopresso coffee making capacity into to a double espresso producing wonder. This small container is packed with a full set of accessories including a 140ml water tank, a larger espresso cup, two double espresso filter baskets, one single espresso filter basket, double espresso adapter ring and tamper.

Wacaco Nanopresso NS Adaptor - Click to see the full review

The NS Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to become compatible with the Nespresso capsules, making the process of getting a cup of coffee even easier. This means you cut out the process of grinding, measuring, and tampering the coffee. It also makes it easier to just throw a couple of capsules in your pack. This means even the clumsiest coffee novice can’t go wrong, ensuring you get the perfect coffee time after time and best of all making things mess free and quicker to clean after each use.