Dakine Travel Tool Kit

Whenever I’m in an airport, no matter how many times I’ve travelled, I always turn from a semi-normal, functioning human being into panicking forgetful mess…did I pack my own bag?! Yes, I think so, or did I forget and let that shady looking bloke with his exotic herb collection do it? Do I have any restricted items in my case? No, of course not, or did I accidently put in my carving knife?!?!

Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit - Click to see the full review

If you have mastered the Nanopresso and want to increase your coffee fix, the Barista Kit expands your Nanopresso coffee making capacity into to a double espresso producing wonder. This small container is packed with a full set of accessories including a 140ml water tank, a larger espresso cup, two double espresso filter baskets, one single espresso filter basket, double espresso adapter ring and tamper.

Wacaco Nanopresso NS Adaptor - Click to see the full review

The NS Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to become compatible with the Nespresso capsules, making the process of getting a cup of coffee even easier. This means you cut out the process of grinding, measuring, and tampering the coffee. It also makes it easier to just throw a couple of capsules in your pack. This means even the clumsiest coffee novice can’t go wrong, ensuring you get the perfect coffee time after time and best of all making things mess free and quicker to clean after each use.

Ariat Cadence Wool 1/4 Zip - Click to see the full review

Freezing conditions can be enough to put you off getting out for a ride, but the Ariat Cadence Wool ¼ Zip has got you covered: an excellent addition to your winter wardrobe featuring Ariat’s ‘Cold Series Technology’, a combinations of a dual layer construction to trap air between the layers, wicking material that moves moisture away from the skin to help keep you warm, dry and insulates you from the cold.

Frost River Nessmuk Pack - Click to see the full review

‘Frost River’ specialises in outdoor adventure packs: with no unnecessary frills, this stripped-back bag looks as rugged and tough as an American woodsman. The Nessmuk Pack has been designed as a replica of writer George Washington Sears’ old Maine Guide pack, all the way back in the 1880’s. With Frost River believing you can’t improve on perfection, the Nessmuk measures up 16"h x 12"w x 5.5"d, plus pockets and expansion from 1056 c.i. (Actual) to 1900 c.i. (approx.).

Waterfield iPhone Camera Bag - Click to see the full review

As digital cameras on smartphones get better and better, it is only natural that high-quality accessories should emerge onto the market. After all, makes sense that you would want to keep your mini camera kit protected and close at hand whilst on the move. Mobile photographers shouldn’t have to miss out on beautiful camera bags, and I’m not convinced there are many more stunning than the Waterfield iPhone Camera bag.