Wacaco Nanopresso + Case - Click to see the full review

Good news! Research now suggests drinking three cups of coffee a day can add years to your life, and I have chosen to interpret that as drinking as much of the black stuff as I can could potentially make me immortal. Serve jitters and anxiety aside it’s a good excuse to drink even more coffee. Enter the Nanopresso from Wacaco, this version comes with a tough little carry case, but other options include bright Red, Yellow and Orange Designs as well as versions compatible with Nespresso (these accessories can also be bought separately).

RiutBag X25 - Click to see the full review

The X25 is like a transformer but without embarrassing five films left in its wake, you can change from a slim laptop backpack to a large travel backpack that is carry-on compatible with suitcase style access - with a backwards design for security, all access points and zips lay pressed against your back, so no tea leaf fingers can access the bag without your knowing.

Mission Workshop - the Hauser - Click to see the full review

Are you training for a marathon, a triathlon, or simply enjoy long hikes no matter what the weather? Whatever the reason you end up pushing yourself in all weathers, you will at some point need hydration and the longer you are out the more you will need. If you have ever tried to run a long distance with a bottle in each hand, you will know this simply isn’t a comfortable option. A hydration pack is the most sensible option for day-long training sessions.

Khyam Igloo Quick Erect Tent - Click to see the full review

One of the biggest pains in the butt when it comes to camping is actually pitching your fabric home. It often involves a whole bunch of poles that look exactly the same and trying to work out where on earth they go. The Igloo from Khyam takes away some of the hassle, but using their ‘Khyam Rapidex Quick Erect System’ (no giggling please), where all poles are sewn into the flysheet, all you have to do is simply click them into place which takes a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to move between sites and just sit down with a beer.

Bagobago - Click to see the full review

I have always struggled standing still for any length of time, I discovered this when I was 7 and a hairdresser asked me to stand still for the duration of the of the haircut, I passed out. I can walk and walk all day, dance at a gig all night, but ask me to simply stand and my body goes wrong. I’m like the soldier face-planting the tarmac during an official ceremony. I will happily sit anywhere to prevent this light headiness, I’m not fussy, but not everyone is comfortable sitting on the ground, or has the mobility to get up and down easily, plus you may get dirty.

Maui Jim Sand Island - Click to see the full review

Perhaps it’s hard to imagine at this time of year that you will ever see the sun again, let alone need sunglasses, but I have heard rumours that it will return next year and what better way to prepare than treating yourself to a new pair of sunglasses. The Sand Island from Maui Jim combine a Matte Black frame and Neutral Grey Lens made from Maui Jim’s Maui Evolution material, they are also available in Gloss Dark Brown. Starting with the frame they feature an 63mm eye width, 46mm eye height and 15mm bridge length with a temple length of 120mm.

Osprey Meridian 75 - Click to see the full review

The Meridian 75 is a wonderfully large travel bag with a load of attributes that make those longer journeys as easy as possible. Starting with pure vanity, the Meridian 75 comes in 3 beautiful colours, Lagoon Blue, Metal Grey and Rainforest Green, all distinctive enough to stand out on the luggage carousel.  The Meridian 75 comes in two sections, a large 59L main pack and 16L daypack that clips together in a neat package, there are thick flaps of material which hug the daypack in place, giving it more protection as well as providing a cleaner profile.

Minipresso - Click to see the full review

Last month we reviewed the Handpresso as a standalone product and I have just got my hands on the Minipresso GR by Wacaco, so for this review I will be playing them off against each other.

Both are attractive pieces of kit with the Minipresso being slightly smaller and compact, although I felt the Handpresso came in much better packaging – the price of the Handpresso is £73 against the lower price of the £48 Minipresso.


Mammut T Advanced GTX Men - Click to see the full review

Last month I went trekking in Snowdonia and was given the opportunity to try out my first pair of Mammut Hiking Boots the Mammut T Advanced GTX Men.  I received them the day before I was to drive up to Snowdonia, so there was going to be no bedding in time with these they were going to be thrown straight into the deep end!