Zippo Harley-Davidson Lighter - Click to see the full review

When I was younger, I used to carry a lighter around for scout-like preparedness, and the pinnacle of cool was the Zippo lighter. Is there a more iconic sound than the “click” as you flip the lid back…perhaps the growling bass of a badass Harley hog. So what happens when the two come together but with added skulls?!?! Something so savage you will need a whole new wardrobe and probably friendship group to ever be cool enough own it!

Happy Socks Beatles Collector Box Set

When I was at school, we had a strict dress code of black everything with a white shirt - they even specified how high the heels could be, the colour of our hair, our jewellery, make up, etc. There was only one area they forgot to put in the handbook: our socks! So, we rebelled in the only way we could with colourful and funky socks and since then I have refused to let a plain sock ever repress my foot!

Petzi Treat Cam - Click to see the full review

With a name like ‘Petzi Treat Cam’ it doesn’t take a lot of effort to guess what it does this product does, but, just in case, let me clarify that it is a pet camera/treat dispenser. This allows you to check in on your pet when you are not there and (if they are being well-behaved) reward them with a treat or two from anywhere and at any time.

Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 7 - Click to see the full review

Myself and a group of friends went out for a birthday lunch last week that quickly degenerated into an all day drinking session. We spent the night swapping stories and taking a few stupid photos, then just like Cinderella, it all went wrong as the clock struck 12! Between all six of us, only one phone still had enough battery to call a taxi - the other five died over the 12 hours, just from taking a few photos and googling a few things to settle arguments (that’s how much the latest phones struggle to keep up with modern apps).

Casetify Double Tour Apple Watch Band - Click to see the full review

The Double Tour Band has been specifically designed for Apple Watch, it comes in two sizes 38mm and 42mm and is available in three colours, Black, Brown and Red. The 38mm fits a wrist size of 135 - 180mm and the 42mm fits 165 - 210mm. The Double Tour is constructed from genuine leather for a classic, versatile look that will compliment multiple styles. On the inside of the band there is a soft Microfiber lining that is comfortable against the skin, prevents irritation from moisture and rubbing.

AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyser - Click to see the full review

If you are anything like the rest of the UK at moment, you may have just dragged yourself through dry January or even currently attempting to abstain from alcohol for lent, so it would be easy to forget how your toleration levels may have changed when you do go back to drinking. Becoming more of a light weight can be funny to your mates and gentle on your wallet but where it becomes dangerous it the morning after, alcohol in your system can affect your judgement and ability to drive even when you feel sober.

Storz-Bickel CRAFTY - Click to see the full review

The CRAFTY vaporiser has already been programmed for optimal, immediate use straight out of the box, however you can work with the CRAFTY App to adjusts various settings via the remote control, compatible with Android and iOS. The box contains the CRAFTY Vaporiser, power adapter with USB cable, one set of spare seal rings, three spare screens (approx. 15 mm), liquid pad (approx. 15 x 5 mm), filling aid, herb mill (approx. 55 mm), dosing capsule, cleaning brush and instructions for use.