Tula Saguaro Blanket Set - Click to see the full review

The Tula 3 blanket sets come in 38 designs to help you find the perfect theme to match your nursery. Options include one rather funky blanket and two not so exciting plain blankets in complementary colours. The Saguaro design that we received was a Cacti patterned blanket, perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of soft and cosy blankets, but it is cute nonetheless. The other two blankets come in an attractive Basil Green and Jade Green.

Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier - Click to see the full review

The Free-To Grow is a fully adjustable, ergonomic baby carrier whose width and height can be easily changed as your baby grows. With 19 beautiful styles to choose from it is fuss free, no infant insert required, and it can be used from as little as 7lbs up to 45lb. Constructed from 100% OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified fabric the Tula Free-To-Grow are hand-made, the body panel adjusts to three different widths settings and two height settings which could take you from new-born to early toddler.

BundleBean for Babywearing - Click to see the full review

BundleBean is the brain child of Emily Goodall, who was tired of the impracticality of carting huge quantities of gear around when taking her two toddlers out. Established in 2011, the company quickly expanded their product range to include covers for baby wearing items like slings and carriers.

myHummy Snoozy - Click to see the full review

Meet Snoozy, from myHummy this fuzzy little “bear” comes in two colours, Slate or Mint, both modern, gender neutral designs. No pastel pink or sky blue here! Snoozy plays soothing sounds to help lull babies to sleep and can be attached to a cot with a dummy clip. Snoozy comes with five different white noise options to choose from, amniotic fluid with heartbeat (wasn’t he a DJ in the 90’s?), ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner and a hairdryer. The white noise box sits snuggly inside the body of the toy and can be switched on by squeezing its face.

Greentom Classic - Click to see the full review

As we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, more and more companies are trying to do their part. Greentom are the creators of the first ever green stroller. The Greentom Classic has a frame that has been made from recycled polypropylene and the seat is made of recycled PET bottles, making it the first 100% green buggy.

Rose and Rebellion, The Rebel - Click to see the full review

Even though I have recently level upped into fully fledged grown-up (turned 30 AND got married in the same year), all my clothes feature at least one of three things: the colour black, rips. or skulls.  Although my Mum thinks I should grow up, I’m ok with that. Being in the same position as a lot of people my age who are newly married, we are preparing for the next step (no, not divorce), the pitter patter of tiny financial burdens.

WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe Baby Bike Seat - Click to see the full review

This baby seat aims to provide a safe and balanced ride for both adult and child, with a centre mounted seat to help distribute the weight evenly and put the child between your arm, where you can easily talk and keep an eye on them, unlike rear mounted seats. The new design has higher sides for increased child-stability, an added strap underneath the bar for further stability, a two-movement thumbscrew, a two-movement buckle release, additional straps on the foot cups, and also features an increased seat size.

Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat - Click to see the full review

The prospect of fitting a car seat can be a task that strikes fear into new parent’s hearts but with a Simplicity Car Seat, as the name would suggest, it’s simple. Silver Cross have designed this car seat to be used with the ISOFIX Simplifix base (RRP £120) as well as being compatible with all the combination prams (the Pioneer included) however it can also be safely attached with the seatbelt, with bright blue guides to show you where it needs to go.

Silver Cross Pioneer Pram - Click to see the full review

Nobody has more experience to draw on than Silver Cross when it comes to prams, with over 138 years behind them and their founding father William Wilson being the inventor of the first ever baby carriage.   This is a high end pram with an RRP of £695 but you cannot expect to get Rolls-Royce quality for peanuts, this is a beautifully designed luxury product and reflects a reasonable price for what this model has to offer especially when comparing it to other travel systems on the market.