Ariat Volt Jacket - Click to see the full review

The striking Volt jacket from Ariat comes in two colours: classy Coastal Grey and a bold Rush Blue. Both are packed with a whole host of Ariat technology. The Volt is wind and water resistant, it also features ‘Primaloft’ insulation, meaning the jacket is machine washable (in cold water). It will dry quickly and prevent the insulation from clumping or displacing. The outer shell has a feather light quilted design and uses Ariat’s ‘V3 Stretch’ technology, which provides a close fit without restricting movement.

Allied Medal Hangers - Click to see the full review

I’m a medal addict, I admit it; I’m one of those who likes to spend their Sundays in Lycra covered in mud and sweat with a bunch of strangers (and that’s before we head out for the running event). However, if there is no medal at the finish line count me out, keep your t-shirt, bottle of Lucozade and bruised banana - no medal no miles!

Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Pro Front and Rear - Click to see the full review

The F800 Dash Cam from Thinkware is available for both the front and rear of your vehicle (sold separately). CMOS Image Sensors allow constant front and rear view in Full 1080p HD resolution recording during both day and night along with a 140-degree wide angle lens view. Chock full of features, including energy saving, parking recording which allows you to record in parking mode 3x longer, and reduced power consumption by 1/3 less, the built-in G-senor will wake up within a second when activated and start recording for next 20 seconds.

Straight Up Chess Vertical Chess Boards - Click to see the full review

When I was in school, my friend and I were separated for Food Technology class (yes, I took this class and I still can’t boil an egg), we took the class at different times but sat at the same desk, so we used to take it in turns to leave insults for each other in the desk. The Straight Up Chess is sort of like that, but also nothing like that at all. This is a pretty unique chess set, it isn’t square, it is very big, oh and did I mention it hangs on the wall?! It comes with a ‘last move’ marker which means you will always know whose turn it is.

Nomad - Click to see the full review

The Nomad Espresso maker has been designed to allow you to enjoy a decent coffee where ever you are, suitable for at home, in the office, glamping, boat trips or picnics; if you have ground coffee and access to hot water you can have a real espresso coffee. The Nomad comes in four colour choices, a bold, green, blue or red as well as a subtler white. They all have a clean and glossy finish which looks great and high end.

myHummy Snoozy - Click to see the full review

Meet Snoozy, from myHummy this fuzzy little “bear” comes in two colours, Slate or Mint, both modern, gender neutral designs. No pastel pink or sky blue here! Snoozy plays soothing sounds to help lull babies to sleep and can be attached to a cot with a dummy clip. Snoozy comes with five different white noise options to choose from, amniotic fluid with heartbeat (wasn’t he a DJ in the 90’s?), ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner and a hairdryer. The white noise box sits snuggly inside the body of the toy and can be switched on by squeezing its face.

Livia - Click to see the full review

Every month, many women have the “pleasure” of feeling like their insides are being repeatedly twisted and squeezed like a wet towel being rung out, but because we are all superheroes we carry on with our daily routines as usual. I am of course referring to Aunt Flo’s monthly karate kick to the abdomen that always sends women hobbling to the medicine cabinet. The Livia is a CE-approved medical device aimed to help relieve menstrual pains.  It works by using two electrodes that can be placed on the skin near the source of the pain.