Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset - Click to see the full review

The Ambeo Smart Headset brings a whole new level to sharing your experience with the world. With the ability to capture your moment with the world in 3D video sound, the Ambeo is fitted with high-quality microphones, letting you create videos with 3D sound on your iOS device (iOS Version 10.3.3 or later). The Ambeo is ideal for vloggers and content creators.

ZOLO Liberty+ - Click to see the full review

The Liberty+ from ZOLO represent the world’s first total wireless earphones, with Graphene-enhanced sound, meaning they have done away with traditional drivers and replaced them with a graphene-style driver which, without going into too much detail, uses less energy and movement to create the sound you hear.

Frost River Nessmuk Pack - Click to see the full review

‘Frost River’ specialises in outdoor adventure packs: with no unnecessary frills, this stripped-back bag looks as rugged and tough as an American woodsman. The Nessmuk Pack has been designed as a replica of writer George Washington Sears’ old Maine Guide pack, all the way back in the 1880’s. With Frost River believing you can’t improve on perfection, the Nessmuk measures up 16"h x 12"w x 5.5"d, plus pockets and expansion from 1056 c.i. (Actual) to 1900 c.i. (approx.).

Zippo Harley-Davidson Lighter - Click to see the full review

When I was younger, I used to carry a lighter around for scout-like preparedness, and the pinnacle of cool was the Zippo lighter. Is there a more iconic sound than the “click” as you flip the lid back…perhaps the growling bass of a badass Harley hog. So what happens when the two come together but with added skulls?!?! Something so savage you will need a whole new wardrobe and probably friendship group to ever be cool enough own it!

Oxo Good Grips Non-Stick Pro - Oven Tray - Click to see the full review

This range of oven trays come from the Oxo Good Grips Non-Stick Pro collection, a ten-piece commercial-grade set. We received the ‘Oven Tray’, with internal dimensions of 22 x 34 x 3cm and external dimensions of 25 x 38 x 3cm, suitable for baking or roasting, poultry, meat and vegetables as well as sweet treats.

OXO Good Grips Long Reach Dusting System - Click to see the full review

With spring just around the corner and the bright morning sunlight pouring in through my living room window, my feelings of excitement at the prospect of warmer days was diminished when I could see in the unforgiving natural light what a dusty, manky environment I had been living in.

Odlo Double High Sports Bra - Click to see the full review

I realised I was due for a sports bra update after catching sight of myself in the mirror during a Tabata class, and I was shocked to see what appeared to be two small animals battling it out inside my sports top. The Odlo Double High Sports Bra is from their high-impact range created for the bounciest of activities, including running, horse riding, boxing or HIIT (high intensity interval training) for example, with a unique dual-layer construction.