Pawbo+ - Click to see the full review

Even though four of my friends also have cats, I have some how wound up with the ‘Crazy Cat person’ title, maybe because I refer to my two as fur-babies; they have a fancy cat fountain and the cattery they stay at costs more than our monthly rent! When the Pawbo+ arrived, I felt I might as well live up to the title and install it.

ONE by Optic Nerve Steelhead Glasses - Click to see the full review

The ONE Steelhead Glasses have been designed specifically for fishing and water sports; with a sports wrap design, polarised lenses and wide temples to keep the light from getting in your eyes, whether its coming from the sun above you or the water below you.

Audio Pro Addon T10 Generation 2 - Click to see the full review

The Addon T10 Generation 2 from Audio Pro is a rather striking wireless speaker - designed in either matte Black, White or Grey (we received the Grey version) and sporting a genuine leather handle with aluminium detailing. This simple yet attractive piece comes in at 166 x 320 x 180 mm, has a digital class D amplifier, 2x20W + 40W, 2 x ¾” textile dome tweeter and a 5.25” woofer. You can connect devices via the 3.5mm Aux or over Bluetooth standard V4.0.

Skeleton Candle Owl and Gummy Bear - Click to see the full review

Being an animal lover, I felt a little at odds with the idea of melting a cute little bear to reveal its singed skeleton beneath. But, being a professional, I went against my instincts and set fire to its adorable head. Fear not, however, as this is exactly what they have been designed for!

Silva Trail Runner 3X - Click to see the full review

There are many good excuses out there to avoid running during the winter months: its cold, its dark and Stranger Things 2 needs watching for a second time; but winter is when we need to exercise the most; it keeps your mind healthy in the gloomy months, not to mention burning off all that extra booze and mince pies. The Silva Trail Runner 3X could make things slightly better by brightening up your evening runs.

SIXPAD Abs Fit - Click to see the full review

The six pack has long since been the crowning jewel of a fit body, show me a male model without a six pack and I’ll show you a man who signs on every Thursday. The SIXPAD Abs Fit has been designed to easily fit into your fitness routine no matter where you are, the unobtrusively design means you can easily wear it under your clothes. Simple to use, the SIXPAD Abs Fit sticks to your body via gel pads and the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles.

Nerf Modulus Regulator - Click to see the full review

We are big fans of the Nerf products in the Gadgethead office, a refusal to make the coffee’s will quickly degrade into an all-out, foam version of The Hunger Games. I have been informed however that children also enjoy Nerf toys. The Nerf Modulus Regulator is suitable for ages 8 and up, this fully motorised blaster with a choice of three firing modes, single-fire one dart per trigger pull, blast several darts per trigger pull, or just continuously fire the darts.

Meccano Robot M.A.X - Click to see the full review

This adorable 12” robot friend is unlike anything else Meccano has released before, M.A.X. combines Artificial Intelligence with customisable programming perfect for young creators and future engineers. Once M.A.X is built it can then be controlled via voice commands, the buttons on the MeccaBrain and the free app. Then it’s little face will express how it’s feeling. M.A.X also uses a S.T.E.M robotics platform to engage children in intellectually stimulating play, and encourage their interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

LEGO Winter Holiday Train - Click to see the full review

Trains and Christmas go together like Rudolph and carrots, don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules! So with that in mind, the LEGO Winter Holiday Train. This sweet little model features a full circle of track, boarding platform with bench and lamp post, a Power Functions upgradable train engine with brick-built smoke bellowing from its stack, coal tender, flatbed wagon with a rotating holiday tree, toys and gifts, and a red caboose (yes, we said caboose) with a detailed interior and table.

FurReal Roarin' Tyler the Playful Tiger - Click to see the full review

I was obsessed with tigers when I was little and would have done anything to have a little tiger friend of my own, but due to logistical reasons and the risk of getting swallowed whole, my parents got me a Sylvania ice cream truck instead. We all have scars from childhood. The Roarin’ Tyler is a playful tiger pet that almost definitely won’t eat your children, his favourite way to play is to ROAR, if you make noise he roars back.  Suitable for ages 4 and up (batteries not included), this little cub responds to sounds and touch with 100+ sound-and-motion combinations.