Nix Advance 10inch Digital Photo Frame - Click to see the full review

I recently dug out a load of old CDs from my wardrobe that had been sitting gathering dust, and when I loaded them up onto the computer I discovered a load of photos from 2006 that I barely remember seeing before. This flash back of nostalgia was wonderful (if you ignore the fashion choices) and made me realise how many photos I have kicking around on USBs, SD Cards and hard drives that I never look at. A digital photo frame is the perfect way to revisit old memories and display special photos and videos in an unobtrusive way.

Motocaddy S5 Connect - Click to see the full review

The Motocaddy S5 is a world first in the golf trolley world: capable of being linked to the ‘Motocaddy GPS’ free App (available on Apple Store and Google Play store) via a Bluetooth connection which allows the trolly’s digital display to be used as GPS, it can then provide you with front, middle and back distances on the green, as well as the par of the hole, a clock and a round timer.

Happy Socks Beatles Collector Box Set

When I was at school, we had a strict dress code of black everything with a white shirt - they even specified how high the heels could be, the colour of our hair, our jewellery, make up, etc. There was only one area they forgot to put in the handbook: our socks! So, we rebelled in the only way we could with colourful and funky socks and since then I have refused to let a plain sock ever repress my foot!

Grovemade FG Desk Laptop Stand - Click to see the full review

After the paths of Ken Tomita and Joe Mansfield crossed by happy coincidence in Portland, Oregon, USA, a friendship was formed that soon blossomed into a business partnership. Creating phone cases made from natural materials, over the eight years of operation they have grown to produce everything from phone charging pads, lamps, speakers, monitor and laptop stands. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a FG Desk Laptop Stand.

Nilfisk E150 and Mid Patio Cleaner - Click to see the full review

With the weather finally starting to warm up, people are crawling out from their winter hibernation to rediscover their gardens and if you are anything like us, you will find it has been taken over by grime, weeds and dirty protests from next door’s cat. The Nilfisk E150 can deal with at least one of those issues - two at a push, but your neighbour will never forgive you.

Gorge High Altitude Training Mask - Click to see the full review

Kenya and Ethiopia have been producing the best distance runners for decades now, and one of the many theories behind this is the prolonged exposure to mountain air or, more specifically, the high altitude. This causes the body to produce more red blood cells and transports more oxygen to the muscles at a faster rate, and equally releases carbon dioxide more quickly.

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Rechargeable Tyre Inflator - Click to see the full review

The Air Hawk Pro is an automatic cordless tire inflator. It comes with four different nozzles, making it possible to inflate virtually anything. The threaded tip is suitable to use with your car or bike tyres at the correct pressure, the wide pin makes pumping up those summer beach and pool toys easy, saving you from a bright red face by the pool side. The narrow pin has been included for balls -  rugby, football or basket balls for example - whilst with a little bit of detective work, you can work out what the large Air Bed fitting can be used for.

Waterfield iPhone Camera Bag - Click to see the full review

As digital cameras on smartphones get better and better, it is only natural that high-quality accessories should emerge onto the market. After all, makes sense that you would want to keep your mini camera kit protected and close at hand whilst on the move. Mobile photographers shouldn’t have to miss out on beautiful camera bags, and I’m not convinced there are many more stunning than the Waterfield iPhone Camera bag.