Lego Boost Vernie The Robot - Click to see the full review

Robots are the must have toy for 2017 so it comes as no surprise that LEGO Boost’s, Vernie The Robot, is such a popular choice. Build and customise Vernie, code its behaviour and complete activities with the included playmat. Vernie will respond with facial expressions when you speak, he can move in all directions at variable speed on large tracks, see objects and recognise colours, sense distance, grip and carry accessories, make hand gestures and even launch darts from its shoulder mounted shooter.

Batman Lego Movie Minifigure Clock - Click to see the full review

Batman is the king of gadgets, he is also a massive narcissist, so it only makes sense that the Dark Knight would love something like this. The Lego Batman Alarm Clock from is a Batman LEGO Movie Minifigure Clock that has moving legs, he can either chill and sit on your bedside table, or stand ominously over you until you get up. Push his mask to light up the digital clock face or snooze (Batman would NEVER press snooze) and set the time/date/alarm on his back, under the cape. Batman is always prepared, so naturally he comes with batteries (2xAAA).

Grimm’s Counterrotating Stepped Spiral - Click to see the full review

The Grimm’s Counterrotating Stepped Spiral (catchy name) is a great addition to other Grimm’s building block sets. Create spiral staircases to the top of a castle, bridge towers together, and make colourful arches. The set comes with 56 building blocks and a wooden base plate, constructed from lime wood, this soft wood makes them lightweight and quiet during the inevitable demolitions, they are brightly decorated in non-toxic water based colour stain with a non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Orp Smart Horn and REMORP - Click to see the full review

Simply screaming expletives at other road uses from your bike to make them aware of your presence is often frowned upon, so to combat this, Orpland have created a solution by producing the world’s first combination dual-tone bike horn & beacon light. Built with the express intention of making you more visible and audible, the Orp uses a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a small, light, and weatherproof case that can be recharged via a USB connection. Orp's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars.

Aedle VK-2 - Click to see the full review

When you are young, you desire certain items because all of your friends have them. I remember begging my Mum for those hideous sports trousers with the snaps all up the side of the legs, and when I got them, I hated how cold and uncomfortable they were. As you get older the opposite happens, and you begin to crave the things nobody else has. Aedle VK-2’s are beautifully handcrafted, limited production headphones with only one hundred units being created each month.

Ariat Coniston Pro GTX Insulated - Click to see the full review

The Coniston Pro GTX Insulated is riding boot that is as beautiful as it is practical. Sold as versatile enough for all year round wear, it is fashionable, functional, and comfortable. The Coniston features Ariat’s ATS Pro technology, to help keep your feet comfortable whilst working on them all day and helping to reduce foot fatigue whether you are on the horse or cleaning the yard.

AYO Light Therapy Glasses - Click to see the full review

The idea of wearing a pair of glasses that shine light into your eyes might not immediately sound like the most comfortable experience, but trust me when I say that this is a good idea. The AYO uses a similar principle to light therapy boxes, but comes built into a wearable set of glasses. AYO aims to help combat symptoms of S.A.D, Jet Lag, helping maintain healthier body rhythms and boost energy in winter months.

Bagobago - Click to see the full review

I have always struggled standing still for any length of time, I discovered this when I was 7 and a hairdresser asked me to stand still for the duration of the of the haircut, I passed out. I can walk and walk all day, dance at a gig all night, but ask me to simply stand and my body goes wrong. I’m like the soldier face-planting the tarmac during an official ceremony. I will happily sit anywhere to prevent this light headiness, I’m not fussy, but not everyone is comfortable sitting on the ground, or has the mobility to get up and down easily, plus you may get dirty.

Giro Helmet Zone MIPS - Click to see the full review

I’ll let you into a secret, 75% of snowboarders only snowboard because it looks cool, the other 25% just couldn’t get their head round the coordination needed to control skis and poles. Even though the accuracy of these stats might be slight embellished or completely made up, how you look on the slopes can be just as important as how you perform. The Giro Zone MIPS will not let you down, we received our sample in Matte Turbulence/Maroon, a trendy matte dark blue with maroon trim and black ear pads with light brown detailing.

Hammo TV Headphones - Click to see the full review

The tagline for these headphones is, “Be Entertained While Showing Courtesy to Others”, or translated it means, “Yes Dad, I know you don’t want to listen to Mum and I gossiping but that doesn’t mean you can whack the volume up on the TV every time I come around.” More specifically they have been designed to allow you to hear the dialogue during a movie without the sound effects and moments of action waking up the entire house or aggravating your neighbours, they also allow you to watch something with colourful language without making the ears on young children bleed.