Batman Lego Movie Minifigure Clock - Click to see the full review

Batman is the king of gadgets, he is also a massive narcissist, so it only makes sense that the Dark Knight would love something like this. The Lego Batman Alarm Clock from is a Batman LEGO Movie Minifigure Clock that has moving legs, he can either chill and sit on your bedside table, or stand ominously over you until you get up. Push his mask to light up the digital clock face or snooze (Batman would NEVER press snooze) and set the time/date/alarm on his back, under the cape. Batman is always prepared, so naturally he comes with batteries (2xAAA).

Grimm’s Counterrotating Stepped Spiral - Click to see the full review

The Grimm’s Counterrotating Stepped Spiral (catchy name) is a great addition to other Grimm’s building block sets. Create spiral staircases to the top of a castle, bridge towers together, and make colourful arches. The set comes with 56 building blocks and a wooden base plate, constructed from lime wood, this soft wood makes them lightweight and quiet during the inevitable demolitions, they are brightly decorated in non-toxic water based colour stain with a non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Hape Medieval Quest - Click to see the full review

Hape believe that toys don’t need to be made from plastic or powered with batteries to entertain. This expertly designed wooden marble run is a fast-paced medieval themed game, the marbles are placed at the tip of the rotary tower, twist the flag and watch them get released one by one onto this marble run. With an angry Griffin threatening to attack the castle, the marbles are released to protect it with unique features, like a watermill, rotary tower and drawbridge. The castle is made from strong, child-safe materials, recommended from ages 4 and up.

Laser X 2 player - Click to see the full review

When we were kids there was no cooler place to have a birthday party than at the local Laser Quest. If I concentrate hard, I can still smell the unique combination of sweat, feet, and pizza, so imagine my utter joy when I was asked to play with review the Laser X. This version came with two Laser X Blasters, both requiring 3 AAA batteries, I immediately raided all the TV remotes to get the Blasters working. I hopped from foot to foot until my husband got out of the shower and then yelled the instructions at him over my shoulder as I ran upstairs and hid.

Magna-Tiles ICE 32 Piece Set - Click to see the full review

Like all the best toys, Magna-Tiles were invented to educate children through the act of playtime, these were specifically made to teach about shapes. Each tile has magnets built into the shape along it’s edges, they will connect with each other even when flipped, and they always stay together. They have been designed to be the perfect size and weight for little hands.

Ollie - Click to see the full review

We love all gadgets here at GadgetHead but toys have a special place in our hearts. Ollie’s reputation has proceeded it and we have been itching to get our hands on one for a while, we definitely weren’t disappointed. Excuse me while I refer to Ollie throughout the review as if it’s a living thing but it is easy enough to imagine as this little rascal has a lot of personality. Ollie comes with a companion app to control him, download the app, charge him up and he is ready to go.


Minions Hit Them Out Game - Click to see the full review

At this time of the year when it’s cold and dark outside it can be difficult to try and persuade your kids to do anything remotely active, however the Minions Hit Them Out Game can provide energetic fun and excitement whilst keeping warm and dry on winter nights.  It has recently won the Dads Choice Highly Commended Award and the game comes with seven cute and colourful Minions characters that have accidentally locked themselves inside a high-energy force field and need to be saved by carefully knocking them over with the “anti-matter ball”!!

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot - Click to see the full review

Dash and Dot are two clever robots created by Wonder Workshop to help teach the basic of robotics to kids. Dot is a little ball of brains that can be programmed by using free apps Wonder and Blockly (iPhone and Android compatible) allowing you to control its lights, sounds, and sensors as well as games ready to play straight out of the box. Dash has all the brains AND the ability to respond to the world around it, with voice recognition, speakers to talk back to you, object navigation and three wheels to dance and run around your house.

Revell Build & Play Star Wars - Click to see the full review

Star Wars is back! That means for the foreseeable future we will be able to buy everything from pyjamas to toilet paper with BB8 plastered over it, good times. One of the more obvious merchandise areas is toys and that brings me on to the Revell Star Wars Build & Play Episode VII, specifically the Millennium Falcon. Aimed at ages 6 and up it comes with 19 separate parts that simply snap together, no glue or paint required, to create a 1:164 replica of the Millennium Falcon.