Snakehive Slimline 8+

Based in the UK, ‘Snakehive’ has been designing and crafting phone cases and accessories since 2009, using vintage, genuine leather and FSC certified & sustainably-sourced wood for a wide range of phone models.

The Slimline comes in a huge range of model compatibility; we received our sample in the iPhone 8+ size, featuring smart-stitching in a matching shade to the leather and a subtle embossed ‘Snakehive’ icon in the bottom right hand corner on the outside and the ‘Snakehive’ logo on the inside. The Slimline has a wallet case design and has a strong, hidden magnetic closure to secure it in place. The outer covering is made from ‘Premium Dappled Leather’ and it has a ‘Kickstand Function’ for viewing videos or movies.

The ‘Kickstand Function’ works by the back cover of the case folding in on itself horizontally, creating a viewing stand for your phone without having to remove it from the case. The case, as you would expect, has been designed around the sockets and ports to allow for charging and camera functions access. On the inside of the front cover there is a single slot for a bank card (you can get away with two cards before it ruins the profile of the case). The leather on the slot is very soft and even with one card in you can see the shape of the card underneath, which makes me think it will easily stretch out over time. There is also a larger compartment behind the card slot to store bank notes.

The case is adequately made; I would argue with the name Slimline it isn’t any slimmer than your average case, and the way the card compartment is designed it will quickly become bulky if you use more than one card. However, it is a reasonably priced case that will protect your device and look good at the same time. RRP £24.95

3.5 out of 5

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Case, Dappled Leather Premium Slimline Wallet Case with Credit Card Slots for Apple iPhone 8 Plus from Snakehive® (Grey)


Looks good

Kickstand Function

Variety of colours and models available

Bank note compartment

Low cost


Single card slot

Thin fabric on card slot, could stretch over time

Not particularly slim