Pawbo+ - Click to see the full review

Even though four of my friends also have cats, I have some how wound up with the ‘Crazy Cat person’ title, maybe because I refer to my two as fur-babies; they have a fancy cat fountain and the cattery they stay at costs more than our monthly rent! When the Pawbo+ arrived, I felt I might as well live up to the title and install it.

Skeleton Candle Owl and Gummy Bear - Click to see the full review

Being an animal lover, I felt a little at odds with the idea of melting a cute little bear to reveal its singed skeleton beneath. But, being a professional, I went against my instincts and set fire to its adorable head. Fear not, however, as this is exactly what they have been designed for!

Valkee Human Charger - Click to see the full review

We have had some very unusual things arrive in the office at GadgetHead but this is one of my favourites. In 2007 a couple Finnish guys began on working on ways to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a big problem in Finland in the winter months as some parts of the country can receive as little as 4hours of sunlight a day.

Mimo Monitors Magic Deluxe - Click to see the full review

The Mimo Monitors Magic Deluxe is the world’s first USB driven touch screen monitor. From the start it was easy to set up, you download the driver and off you go, the 1024x600 resolution produces a vibrant and sharp picture. The 10.1” screen is small enough to be portable but it’s still a comfortable size to work with, I struggled when I was doing really fiddly work like editing photos through Photoshop but for normal day to day use it was fine.

Keyboard Waffle Iron - Click to see the full review

Do you have nerdy tendencies? Do you enjoy a waffle? Ever wondered how to bring the two things together? No? Neither had we but lucky for us there are people out there who have. When something as fantastically wacky as this turns up at the office It will even encourage me, a full on cooking-phobe, to get in the kitchen.

ICEdot Crash Sensor - Click to see the full review

A few years ago a family member went out mountain biking, that day things didn’t go to plan and he had a nasty crash and ended up spread eagled on his back in the middle of a forest, he was in a lot of pain and it took well over an hour to get his phone from his pocket and call for help. Turns out he had broken his neck, he has made a full recovery now but he was very lucky, the scariest thing of the whole situation is that nobody knew where he was, if he had of knocked himself unconscious who knows how long it could have been before he was found.

SKEYE Mini Drone - Click to see the full review

All good things come in small packages and this mini drone is no exception, don’t let the size deceive you either. We have tried out mini drones before which are about as easy to control as a herd of kittens but this little thing is surprisingly user friendly, it is on the higher end of the market for these size drones but you are getting something that after a little practice that you can actually fly competently.

Breffo Spiderpodium - Click to see the full review

The Spiderpodium is one of those simple gadgets that comes along and makes you say “ooh, that’s a good idea”, a phone holder that will fit any phone, you can attach it to the vents on the dashboard of the car and can also be secured to the back of the head rest so kids and adults alike can watch films on the move.

Zeiss VR One Virtual Reality Headset - Click to see the full review

Zeiss is well known for producing high end optical lenses that all started off when Carl Zeiss founded the company in Germany and started producing microscopes followed by cameras and eventually, 60 years later, the virtual reality headset. To break it down It works by using two lenses in a headset, a slot to put your phone into and a selection of apps to download to work alongside this, and comes at a reasonably low price.