Brydge 12.9 Keyboard - Click to see the full review

The beautiful Brydge 12.9 Keyboard brings the MacBook experience to the 12.9inch iPad Pro (2017 and 2015 models). Available in both Silver and Space Grey which matches perfectly to you iPad Pro, it features a standard QWERTY layout (note: it is only available in this format). Constructed from a high-guide aluminium it has a sturdy weight to it. It’s tactile which is especially good at encouraging poorly motivated, product-reviewing people to keep typing and not wonder off to make their 5th cup of coffee that morning: it just feels that good to use!

BrydgeAir Keyboard - Click to see the full review

We had the pleasure of testing the BrydgeAir Keyboard with the iPad Air 2, ideal if you type a lot on your iPad and want to transform it into a mini netbook. The Keyboard is not going to win any awards for being light it is beautiful designed from aluminium and weighs 520g / 1.15lb but this isn’t a cheap piece of tat it is a high quality tactile keyboard, user tip if you are using it as a laptop do not put it on bare legs as it is super cold.