RESPeRATE 2Breathe Sleep Inducer - Click to see the full review

A good night’s sleep has the power to make everything feel better, and on the flip side, a bad night’s sleep can make even the smallest issue 100% worse. The RESPeRATE 2Breathe Sleep Inducer aims to help you get to sleep easier by calming your mind and body towards sleep. The 2Breathe tries to reduce “pre-sleep tension” which can become vicious cycle of worrying that you can’t get to sleep and then you can’t sleep because you are in fact worrying.

Sleep Shepherd - Click to see the full review

As someone who often struggles with falling to sleep, or getting enough of it, I am always willing to try out products that offer a solution to this. The Sleep Shepherd aims to help you get to sleep and measures your quality of sleep during the night. Essentially it is a head band you wear at night with built in speakers and an EEG brainwave monitor (don’t worry this isn’t as scary as it sounds). The built-in speakers play binaural beats, one played into each ear, each tone is set to a precise, but different frequency with an adjustable volume.

Lumie Arabica Light Box - Click to see the full review

I love this time of year with the buzz of Christmas in the air and the joy of snuggling up at home in the warm whilst the world outside is cold and dark, however the short days and lack of sun light don’t love me. I can normally make it through Christmas okay but shortly after, every year, I crash big time. I mope about the house like a grey mist, not wanting to do anything, starting arguments with everyone, from my boyfriend to the toaster, I am not nice to be around.

Lumo Lift - Click to see the full review

Back pain is the most predominant chronic pain people suffer from and it is often developed over time through poor posture, I was eager to try this device as I suffer with back ache that can keep me up at night due to bad posture whilst sitting at my desk for long periods of time. The Lumo Lift is the first activity coach to focus in on bad posture and helps you form a good habit for a healthier body.

Sound Oasis Deluxe S5000 - Click to see the full review

You would be forgiven for looking at the Sound Oasis Deluxe S5000 and assuming it is just a radio but it is actually a sleep therapy system that uses sound to relax the body and mind to help you get to sleep as well as improving your quality of sleep. It has been proven that sound machines (or white noise machines) work, by playing sounds that coax your brain into matching these frequencies and enter healthier states of sleep and relaxation.

Foreo IRIS Eye Massager - Click to see the full review

The Iris Eye Massager, sounds terrifying right? When I took it out of the box it looked a little bit scary too. There is a quick guide to get you started with a couple of pictures and a teeny tiny printed instruction booklet, the best way to find out how to use the massager is to go to their website and download the PDF for clear instructions. The IRIS comes with a USB charger as well as a microfiber bag, one charge will give you 140 uses so if you use it twice a day (as you are meant too) that gives you just over two months without having to recharge.

Cloud Nine Waving Wand - Click to see the full review

We had big expectations for the Waving Wand after the fantastic results we achieved with Cloud Nine’s straightener, the Original Iron. Like the Original, you get a few added extras when you buy the Wand: a heat-protective glove to keep your spare hand safe from burns whilst you wrap your hair around the wand, 50ml of Magic Potion (see The Original review for details), and not forgetting that complimentary beach bag.

Cloud Nine: The Original Iron - Click to see the full review

Cloud Nine is the creation of Robert Powls. Those in the know might recognise this name as the founder of the hugely successful GHD styling product company, founded in 2009. Their philosophy was to create luxury and innovative styling products that are kinder to your hair.

We had the pleasure of testing out The Original Iron, one of Cloud Nine’s most popular products and winner of the 2015 and 2016 Hair Award. We were keen to see what all the fuss was about.

Vichy Quenching Mineral Mask and Vichy Idéalia Night Peeling - Click to see the full review

The Quenching Mineral Mask is enriched with Vichy's Mineralising Thermal Water from French volcanoes and instantly soothes and relieves uncomfortable and sensitive skin. Formulated with a combination of Vitamin B3, Hydrating Glycerin+ and refreshing Menthoxypropanediol, this Vichy Mineral Mask has been specifically designed to provide an immediate hydration and cooling effect on the skin. To use, simply apply the cooling water-gel, fragranced with Green tea, Jasmine tea and bamboo, to the skin and let it sit for five minutes to let it soak in.