Libratone Q-Adapt In-Ear - Click to see the full review

The Libratone Q-Adapt In-Ear Headphones are available in four attractive colours: Stormy Black, Cloudy White, Elegant Nude and Rose Pink. They come with a matching braided cable, four-button remote access for play, pause, volume, calls and noise cancelling adjustment, three different sizes of ear buds and built-in microphone.

Optoma launches true wireless in-ear headphones with new BE Free8

Optoma has launched its first fully wireless earbuds – NuForce BE Free8. For true wireless freedom, the BE Free8 in-ear headphones have no cables or neckband for unrestricted movement at any time. Designed for clear, uninterrupted audio, the protective carry case doubles up as a charger - allowing users to stay connected for non-stop listening on the go.

Etymotic's Mk5 Isolator Ear Phones - Click to see the full review

Etymotic have used their isolator technology to produce headphones that reduce outside noise and promote hearing safety, by blocking out background noise you don’t need to turn up your music to full to be able to hear it clearly. The Mk5’s reduces noise by 35 - 42 dB which make them ideal for wearing whilst at the gym or on the commute.

Earin Headphones - Click to see the full review

THEY’RE HERE!!! We have been waiting for these beauties to hit the shelves for a while and we weren’t disappointed, the Earin Headphones are one of the first completely wireless headphones to hit the market, along with Bragi’s Dash they are taking on the difficult task of being the FIRST. Earin was founded in 2013 in Sweden and wanted to create a fully wireless headphone without compromising on the sound quality and in three years they have delivered these smart little things.

Jabra Elite Sport - Click to see the full review

Jabra set expectations high with their description of the Sport Elite headphone by stating, “With 16 years of Bluetooth experience and a unique expertise in sound quality, the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds guarantee superior sound and call quality.” Let’s take a look and see if they can live up to the hype.

Ifrogz Impulse Wireless Earbuds - Click to see the full review

The Ifrogz Impulse Wireless Earbuds feature custom-designed chambers with reflective acoustics, an advanced audio technology that apparently formulates sound based on the fundamentals of human hearing. This is combined with 11mm drivers that aim to provide a premium audio experience.

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - Click to see the full review

The Epic Earbuds from JLab provide you with ten hours of wireless sound. The battery life will get you through a weeks’ worth of work-outs before it needs recharging, and the secure fit will hold fast during a run or the gym.