Allied Medal Hangers - Click to see the full review

I’m a medal addict, I admit it; I’m one of those who likes to spend their Sundays in Lycra covered in mud and sweat with a bunch of strangers (and that’s before we head out for the running event). However, if there is no medal at the finish line count me out, keep your t-shirt, bottle of Lucozade and bruised banana - no medal no miles!

Tifosi Synapse - Light Night Lens - Click to see the full review

Brought onto the market in spring 2017, the Tifosi Synapse sunglasses have a sport lens cut, making them versatile and suitable for any type of sport activity. The Synapse’s feature ‘Tifosi Light Night Fototec’ lenses, which are designed to adjust to changing light conditions. Packed full of technology these glasses have a 30g frame that is very comfortable to wear; you can easily forget they are there!

ONE by Optic Nerve Steelhead Glasses - Click to see the full review

The ONE Steelhead Glasses have been designed specifically for fishing and water sports; with a sports wrap design, polarised lenses and wide temples to keep the light from getting in your eyes, whether its coming from the sun above you or the water below you.

Silva Trail Runner 3X - Click to see the full review

There are many good excuses out there to avoid running during the winter months: its cold, its dark and Stranger Things 2 needs watching for a second time; but winter is when we need to exercise the most; it keeps your mind healthy in the gloomy months, not to mention burning off all that extra booze and mince pies. The Silva Trail Runner 3X could make things slightly better by brightening up your evening runs.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Fly Bra - Click to see the full review

These days I have more sports bras than regular bras, I feel my most confident as a woman in these thick strapped, chest scaffolding pieces, than the little lacey numbers. In my extensive collection I already possess three Shock Absorber bras. The Ultimate Fly Bra uses their unique Cross Control technology that combines laser cutting, bonding and moulding with the aim of producing a lightweight bra with a high level of support.

Under Armour Raid Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Click to see the full review

My partner never understood why men would need specially designed tops for exercise until one incredible cold and wet half marathon in a cotton t-shirt, that transformed his nipples into something that resembled two bleeding pieces of pepperoni (TMI?), after that he decided there was perhaps a need for a proper sports top, enter the Under Armour Raid Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Although the HEATGEAR material is designed for 20 ºC and above, it is ultra-light and can easily be worn as a base layer but my hot blooded boyfriend only ever tends to run in one layer anyway.

Tribesports Thermal Base Layer running top - Click to see the full review

Continuing with the Tribesports brand we also had the pleasure of testing out one of their thermal base layer running tops, the CoolTouch® thermo yarn technology and the super soft brushed interior traps air next to your skin creating a warm layer but without adding any extra weight or bulk.  The material also absorbs sweat and regulates the bodies temperature as well so you stay dry and warm throughout the workout.

Tribesports Mens Running Tights - Click to see the full review

After having to rub nappy rash cream into unmentionable areas of my partner I persuaded him to try some running tights, he reluctantly agreed and the humbly priced Tribesport Running tights seemed as good as any to start out with. The running tights are made from a stretchy, sweat-wicking, polyester which doesn’t restrict movements, they are designed to fit closely to the skin to naturally reduce chafing and to keep you warm whilst strategically placed mesh helps allowing the skin to breath at the same time.

Teko Marathon Super-Cushioned Running Socks and Winter Socks - Click to see the full review

Teko are one of the few companies in the world to get a 9/9 maximum eco-rating from GreenroomVoice, an independent body that audits the world's brands for their environmental credentials through materials sourcing and supply chain, energy policy and recycling in their office. It appears that Teko care about your feet as much as they care about the environment, the Teko Marathon Running Socks are made from a soft Polyamide with a full cushion covering the sole of the foot.