Elite Workstand Race Pro - Click to see the full review

When you have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds on your bike, you will want to keep it in the best of nick: taking time to clean and maintain your bike will become as important to you as getting out on the road or trail. When I was a kid and I needed to work on my bike, I would flip it upside down and rest it on the handle bars and saddle, an action that would make many serious cyclists turn green just at the thought of it. The Elite Race Pro Work Stand is the stand of choice for pro teams like Europcar and Katusha.

Dakine Celilo Insulated Ski Jacket - Click to see the full review

My mum always said, “never judge a book by its cover”. Well she didn’t really, she is in fact very judgmental, but I heard it on TV somewhere. The Celilo from Dakine might at first look like a rather simple jacket with not a lot going on, but hidden beneath its humble lines and solid black colour (it is also available in Lil Buck - a beigey colour) is a host of features to keep you dry and warm on the slopes.

ClimbX Rave - Click to see the full review

You might not be surprised to find that with a brand name like ClimbX that these guys specialise in climbing gear. With an appreciation for the great outdoors, they try to help preserve it with ethical choices like using sustainable organic hemp to line their shoes, and good quality reusable shoe-boxes. In addition to this, they look out for the climbing community by supporting search and rescue volunteer organisations, helping low-income young climbers and third world countries discover the pursuit of climbing.

Ariat Volt Jacket - Click to see the full review

The striking Volt jacket from Ariat comes in two colours: classy Coastal Grey and a bold Rush Blue. Both are packed with a whole host of Ariat technology. The Volt is wind and water resistant, it also features ‘Primaloft’ insulation, meaning the jacket is machine washable (in cold water). It will dry quickly and prevent the insulation from clumping or displacing. The outer shell has a feather light quilted design and uses Ariat’s ‘V3 Stretch’ technology, which provides a close fit without restricting movement.

Allied Medal Hangers - Click to see the full review

I’m a medal addict, I admit it; I’m one of those who likes to spend their Sundays in Lycra covered in mud and sweat with a bunch of strangers (and that’s before we head out for the running event). However, if there is no medal at the finish line count me out, keep your t-shirt, bottle of Lucozade and bruised banana - no medal no miles!

Hiplok Z-Lok - Click to see the full review

When I used to cycle regularly, I was never quite sure what sort of bike lock to use, I settled for a D-lock for the tough protection, but it weighed an absolute ton and if I put it on the frame of the bike it would always get in the way of my knees. Being the type of person who would rather complain than do anything about it, I put up with it. If I had known these existed, I would have certainly given them ago, at only 20g they are super lightweight and at 420mm long they are so compact.

Tifosi Synapse - Light Night Lens - Click to see the full review

Brought onto the market in spring 2017, the Tifosi Synapse sunglasses have a sport lens cut, making them versatile and suitable for any type of sport activity. The Synapse’s feature ‘Tifosi Light Night Fototec’ lenses, which are designed to adjust to changing light conditions. Packed full of technology these glasses have a 30g frame that is very comfortable to wear; you can easily forget they are there!

Skins TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Suit - Click to see the full review

The TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Suit from Skins allows you to swim, cycle and sprint your way through a triathlon. The strategically placed ‘Toray fabric’ aims to minimise drag in the water and the carbon-infused fabric helps prevent friction on the inner thigh when running. This all-in-one suit uses ‘Dynamic Gradient Compression’ - the compression increases support to the areas of the body you are working with, drives more oxygen to your muscles and reduces the build-up of blood lactate for better performance and a quicker recovery time.

ONE by Optic Nerve Steelhead Glasses - Click to see the full review

The ONE Steelhead Glasses have been designed specifically for fishing and water sports; with a sports wrap design, polarised lenses and wide temples to keep the light from getting in your eyes, whether its coming from the sun above you or the water below you.