Aqua Lung i450T - Click to see the full review

The i450T from Aqua Lung is absolutely cram packed with features designed to seamlessly fit in to all the different aspects of diving, available in Black/Blue, White and Black/Grey models it is marketed towards active and the travel divers. It uses intuitive features to allow you to easily navigate all the settings and information on the dive.

Skins TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Suit - Click to see the full review

The TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Suit from Skins allows you to swim, cycle and sprint your way through a triathlon. The strategically placed ‘Toray fabric’ aims to minimise drag in the water and the carbon-infused fabric helps prevent friction on the inner thigh when running. This all-in-one suit uses ‘Dynamic Gradient Compression’ - the compression increases support to the areas of the body you are working with, drives more oxygen to your muscles and reduces the build-up of blood lactate for better performance and a quicker recovery time.