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At this time of year, you never know what the weather might throw at you from one hour to the next, at the same time it is not always possible to simply shut yourself away on bad weather days, especially with a young family. It is important for both mind and body to get some daylight throughout the winter months. The BundleBean Go has added a new design to the Go collection, a sweet and playful Polar Bear family against a soft sage background, it looks beautiful and wintery, and will keep your little one cosy and protected against the harsh winter weather.

BundleBean for Babywearing - Click to see the full review

BundleBean is the brain child of Emily Goodall, who was tired of the impracticality of carting huge quantities of gear around when taking her two toddlers out. Established in 2011, the company quickly expanded their product range to include covers for baby wearing items like slings and carriers.