Dakine Travel Tool Kit

Whenever I’m in an airport, no matter how many times I’ve travelled, I always turn from a semi-normal, functioning human being into panicking forgetful mess…did I pack my own bag?! Yes, I think so, or did I forget and let that shady looking bloke with his exotic herb collection do it? Do I have any restricted items in my case? No, of course not, or did I accidently put in my carving knife?!?!

Dakine Celilo Insulated Ski Jacket - Click to see the full review

My mum always said, “never judge a book by its cover”. Well she didn’t really, she is in fact very judgmental, but I heard it on TV somewhere. The Celilo from Dakine might at first look like a rather simple jacket with not a lot going on, but hidden beneath its humble lines and solid black colour (it is also available in Lil Buck - a beigey colour) is a host of features to keep you dry and warm on the slopes.