Petzi Treat Cam - Click to see the full review

With a name like ‘Petzi Treat Cam’ it doesn’t take a lot of effort to guess what it does this product does, but, just in case, let me clarify that it is a pet camera/treat dispenser. This allows you to check in on your pet when you are not there and (if they are being well-behaved) reward them with a treat or two from anywhere and at any time.

Pod 3 GPS Tracker - Click to see the full review

It is estimated that 1 in 10 dog owners have experience of their dog going missing, either from running away or being stolen, throw cats into the mix and it has been estimated that over 500,000 cats and dogs go missing every year in the UK alone. With microchipping there is more of a chance of being reunited with your fur baby but that’s only if someone finds them and gets them scanned, the Pod 3 GPS tracker is a great way of seeing where our pets are at all times.

Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap - Click to see the full review

The famous quote, “never work with animals or children”, is usually a warning for people in show-business,  but forget trying to present an episode of Blue Peter, I’ve been informed by a friend that you haven’t experienced stress until you’ve attempted to cook dinner with two pugs and two cats. The Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap could be the perfect answer to said friend’s troubles, but I do need to make it clear straight away, that Bettacare state on their website that the Gate has not been safety tested for children.

Pawbo+ - Click to see the full review

Even though four of my friends also have cats, I have some how wound up with the ‘Crazy Cat person’ title, maybe because I refer to my two as fur-babies; they have a fancy cat fountain and the cattery they stay at costs more than our monthly rent! When the Pawbo+ arrived, I felt I might as well live up to the title and install it.

The Cat’s Trapeze - Click to see the full review

Anyone who owns a cat knows they are not like the cat-food adverts portray. They are, in fact, furry little gits who enjoy nothing more than destroying your possessions. As a matter of fact, only yesterday did one of my litter-kickers decide to wake me by knocking over an entire pint glass of squash on my bedside table, sending an orange tsunami over my books and phone. Designer Esther van der Wurff also owns hairy little devils, which led her to design the Cat’s Trapeze when her kittens refused to stop using her curtains as a climbing frame.

SureFlap Sealed Pet Feeder - Click to see the full review

Cats are notoriously greedy and one of mine has some ninja quality skills when it comes to stealing his brother’s food. Most of the time it isn’t too much of an issue, however there have been occasions where one of them has had medication in his food and I have had to sit and monitor their feeding.

Dog Tracker Nano - Click to see the full review

As technology is increasingly finding its way to improve every aspect of our lives it isn’t surprising that people are turning to it to keep their loved ones safe, I’m not talking about those small screaming humans that always seem to be sat near me when I go for lunch (I must stop having lunch with my sister and her 3year old) but the four-legged barking kind.

Tabcat - Click to see the full review

I can look back and laugh now about how ridiculous my partner and I were the first time our cat didn’t come home when called. We have two boys who have always been reliable at coming home when we whistle, but on the day that is now known as No Finley Friday I remember me, my partner and the other cat running up and down the road trying to locate the fourth member of our little family. Four hours later, of course, he strolled in like nothing had happened, much to our frustration and relief.