Wacaco Nanopresso + Case - Click to see the full review

Good news! Research now suggests drinking three cups of coffee a day can add years to your life, and I have chosen to interpret that as drinking as much of the black stuff as I can could potentially make me immortal. Serve jitters and anxiety aside it’s a good excuse to drink even more coffee. Enter the Nanopresso from Wacaco, this version comes with a tough little carry case, but other options include bright Red, Yellow and Orange Designs as well as versions compatible with Nespresso (these accessories can also be bought separately).

Nomad - Click to see the full review

The Nomad Espresso maker has been designed to allow you to enjoy a decent coffee where ever you are, suitable for at home, in the office, glamping, boat trips or picnics; if you have ground coffee and access to hot water you can have a real espresso coffee. The Nomad comes in four colour choices, a bold, green, blue or red as well as a subtler white. They all have a clean and glossy finish which looks great and high end.

Coffee Gator Canister - Click to see the full review

Whilst on a recent weekend away, we had just arrived in our holiday home after a five hour delayed flight and running off 1 ½hours sleep. One of my fellow travellers had been repeatedly grumbling about how desperate he was for a coffee – however, when I brandished an ancient looking jar of instant coffee under his nose, he looked at me like I had just offered him my sweat-ridden hiking socks in a cup of boiling water. The point I am trying to make here is that just because all coffee has the word “coffee” on the label, doesn’t mean it all tastes the same.