Etymotic's Mk5 Isolator Ear Phones - Click to see the full review

Etymotic have used their isolator technology to produce headphones that reduce outside noise and promote hearing safety, by blocking out background noise you don’t need to turn up your music to full to be able to hear it clearly. The Mk5’s reduces noise by 35 - 42 dB which make them ideal for wearing whilst at the gym or on the commute.

Earin Headphones - Click to see the full review

THEY’RE HERE!!! We have been waiting for these beauties to hit the shelves for a while and we weren’t disappointed, the Earin Headphones are one of the first completely wireless headphones to hit the market, along with Bragi’s Dash they are taking on the difficult task of being the FIRST. Earin was founded in 2013 in Sweden and wanted to create a fully wireless headphone without compromising on the sound quality and in three years they have delivered these smart little things.

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Headphones - Click to see the full review

These headphones try to give you everything all at once for a low price but do they deliver? The Ausdom M05 are wireless Bluetooth headphones with a built in microphone that allows you to take calls. Starting with aesthetics I was impressed with the build quality for the price and they are pleasant to wear with sufficient padding around the ears and on the adjustable headband, the ear pieces also pivot all the way round so you can lay them flat in your bag which is convenient.

Orbitsound A70 AirSound Bar - Click to see the full review

Sound bars are increasing in popularity and can set you back anything from 50 quid to quadruple figures, but are they always really worth the money? Orbitsounds’ A70 airSound Bar is this British company’s flagship sound bar and claims to be perfect for clear dialogue on TV, music streaming and offering a thrilling movie experience.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones - Click to see the full review

For me and probably most people when you see the brand Marshall you think of huge amps and cabinets, rock concerts and the possibility of crowd surfing and then thinking against it as you could just crash to the bottom of the pit.  I had no idea that they had branched out into headphones and having had a look into their collection they have quite a range of other tech including their own smartphone called London.

ifi Nano iDSD - Click to see the full review

Without you even knowing it you probably use a DAC daily if you listen to music on anything other than vinyl or cassette tape, it is the key to transforming digital information into real audible sound, they live in your computer, cd player, mp3 player, tablets and phones but they are not all made in the same level of quality. The ifi Nano iDSD is the first serious portable DAC that can play ALL high-resolution formats PCM, DSD and DXD.

KitSound Malmo Bluetooth Speaker - Click to see the full review

The Malmo speaker comes with the option to connect via Bluetooth, NFC or a 3.5 mm aux cable. The device will ask you to you select which connection mode you need; confusingly, instead of the standard Bluetooth symbol, this option is marked ‘BT’, but it pairs up easily and even allows you to answer calls whilst connected (although a speaker system blasting my mum’s voice as she describes her cat’s latest kill is something that I and my neighbours could have done without!)

Buckshot Pro Outdoor Tech - Click to see the full review

“Always use the correct tool for the job, son, it will make it easier!” This is what my dad would tell me and I have grown up to realize he was right. Too many times I have struggled at home only for him to turn up with the correct tool and be finished in seconds. But still I am rather partial to a multi tool, they have their place in my life.