Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth - Click to see the full review

The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth are quite beautiful to behold - available in 5 stylish colours: True White, Tomato, Dark Grey, Black and Indigo (by far my favourite colour and the sample we received), this minimalist design isn’t just a pretty package but also comes with 30+ hours of wireless playtime from a single charge.

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth Headphones - Click to see the full review

These headphones try to give you everything all at once for a low price but do they deliver? The Ausdom M05 are wireless Bluetooth headphones with a built in microphone that allows you to take calls. Starting with aesthetics I was impressed with the build quality for the price and they are pleasant to wear with sufficient padding around the ears and on the adjustable headband, the ear pieces also pivot all the way round so you can lay them flat in your bag which is convenient.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones - Click to see the full review

For me and probably most people when you see the brand Marshall you think of huge amps and cabinets, rock concerts and the possibility of crowd surfing and then thinking against it as you could just crash to the bottom of the pit.  I had no idea that they had branched out into headphones and having had a look into their collection they have quite a range of other tech including their own smartphone called London.

Kjus BT 2.0 Glove - Click to see the full review

The Kjus BT 2.0 Glove has been created to help you avoid needing to whip your ski gloves off in freezing conditions when you need to call your hungover mates to see if they have even hit the slopes yet. These Bluetooth integrated gloves allow you to make and receive phone calls without getting your smartphone out of your pocket, keeping your hands warm and phone dry during sleet or snow.