Penclic B3 Mouse - Click to see the full review

If you’re a fan of gadgets designed to fill a very specific niche, and we here at Gadgethead definitely are, then look no further than the Penclic mouse series, computer peripherals designed to look and handle like a pen. Depending on the model, they come with 3 or 5 buttons and connect via USB or Bluetooth. They have a shiny, plastic body in either white or black and a pen-like stem with a matt coat and smooth, rubbery feel. They come in beautiful, tubular transparent packaging and at least the one model we saw included a small cloth bag to carry the mouse in.

Tek Gear Twiddler 3 - Click to see the full review

When this thing landed on my desk I started looking around for the product it was so obviously a remote for…wrong! This mad looking device is actually a carefully designed keyboard and mouse in one, promising to be the world’s most mobile keyboard. It is created to be used in one hand and uses a system similar to that of a short hand type writer in that you use the 16 keys individually and in chords to type the words rather than spelling out the letters individually.

Penclic B3 Bluetooth Mouse - Click to see the full review

My first impression of this mouse was how impressive the packaging was, it showcases that this mouse is different from the start. It comes with everything you need including its own little carry case for the commute. We love it when something has the term “Swedish design” in its description as it normally means it is creative in its design and takes a deviated step away from the traditional.

Finalmouse Scream One - Click to see the full review

In the world of gaming there is much contention in regards to the best hardware available. Seriously, I’ve seen arguments over it so when a product comes along and declares itself to be, “the best eSports mouse in the world”, (this is the equivalent of a brand claiming to be THE best football boots in the world) we just had to test it out. Would the Finalmouse Scream One edition live up to its claims?