Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Prop Replica

Oh my gosh, calling all geeks, it’s here!!! The Wand Company has produced a replica Communicator that connects via Bluetooth to enable a speakerphone, allowing you to use it just like they did on the show. This highly accurate replica looks amazing, produced from the first 3D structured light scans of the last known hero screen-used Communicator prop, it has a rotating moiré pattern, AB-coated iridescent jewels and has authentic voice clips arranged in sentence fragments for immersive experience, while also being a fully-functional handset.

Skandika Mercury Moon Chair

Cringe alert! One of the things I miss when we go camping aside from clean toilets, cold beer, and not getting food poisoning from under-cooked sausages, is having a cuddle on the sofa. Before you get excited, no, the Mercury Moon Chair is not a sofa. Also, I must say straight away that the max weight for the chair is 110kg. I won’t tell you how much we weigh together but it is slightly over that… The good news is that we didn’t fall through the bottom of it.

Shreddies Men's Undershorts

I had high hopes for the Shreddies Undershorts as we have recently started to try a healthier diet by eating more veg, and less meat. This has resulted in my other half letting rip some crackers, although the noise is initially hilarious (yes, we are both over 30 and it still makes us laugh), but when the smell of old bins and compost heap wafts over my way…let’s just say even the cats leave the room, and they enjoy smelling some questionable areas on each other!

Peak Design Everyday Tote

Often camera bags come in either a backpack or shoulder bag format, this is because when your hands are full of expensive camera you don’t want to be juggling a bag strap at the same time. So I was surprised when I saw that Peak Design had released an Everyday Tote bag.  Available in Charcoal or Ash, the bag comes with two FlexFold Dividers, an anchor for key tether, and a tripod band to secure a tripod. It is carry on approved by most airlines and is made from a waxed Kodra synthetic canvas with DWR coating for weather protection.

KitSound Cayman Speaker

The Cayman speaker is a wireless connecting speaker with large drivers that is powered off of the mains. This British-engineered speaker has fifty watts of power, a dedicated subwoofer and two dedicated sound modes, and two 2.5inch high frequency drivers that work with a 4inch mid/bass driver. It connects wirelessly over NFC or Bluetooth, which is easily done without digging through the instruction manual.

KitSound Hive 2+ Wireless Smart Speaker

The Hive 2+ is a beefy little speaker with a unique beehive style design. This portable wireless speaker, new for 2017, has Siri and Google Assistant integration, which means you can interact with your device directly from the speaker. KitSound has increased the power and clarity of sound on their second generation of the Hive; the 40mm active drivers and digital amplifier, combined with a passive bass radiator, creates 12 Watts of sound.

Kano Pixel Kit

The new Pixel Kit from Kano allows you to make and code its 16x8 LED Grid and 128 RGB LED light into a mini disco, as well as build your own games, animations and art work. Suitable from ages 6+, when you open the box, you will find buttons, three USB ports, a board, joystick, stickers and more. The instructional story books will walk you through building the Pixel Kit - you will learn as you make, and when it is finished, it can be connected to your computer and the Kano App, so turn on the lights and start coding.

Kano Motion Sensor Kit

The Motion Sensor Kit, new from Kano, is their simplest coding kit. Suitable for ages 6+, both big and small hands can earn how to code and make hand-controlled apps with this kit. Compatible with both Mac & PC, it is easy to use and set up; simply open the box, take out the bits, connect the sensor, sucker and cable, then follow the book to learn how to control it. Before you begin, you will also need to download the Kano app onto your computer.

iStorage datAshur Pro 32GB

The datAshur from iStorage is a USB 3.0 Flash Drive with a choice of capacities ranging from 4GB up to 64GB with a PIN code access and military grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption – how James Bond. The datAshur Pro features a rechargeable battery allowing the user to enter a 7-15 digit PIN using the on-board keypad before connecting the drive to a USB port.