TyrePal TC215/B Monitor with Two External Sensors

When I was a kid my family and I used to go on these holidays in this wreck of a 1970’s caravan, we had this dodgy black and white TV that never had any signal and a radio that would only work if you hung a teaspoon off the aerial. The chemical toilet was only for number ones during the night so I have memories of running across to the toilet block in the dark with a loo roll shoved up my jumper to protect it from the rain.

Motoairbag v2.0c

I have been riding motorcycles for decades and for the last 4 years I have ridden in an air vest which is a wearable airbag system for motorcyclists that inflates in case of an accident to protect important body areas. For years motorcycle gear has come with hard protection on the elbows, shoulders and the back however the evolution of airbag technology for motorcyclists is very exciting and offers so much more.

Forma Adventure Boots

The Adventure Boots from Forma look awesome, yes we know safety comes first but style is a close second, especially in the world of motorbikes, if it didn’t look so damn cool would there really be as many people drawn to them, hell no. These boots have been designed for road riding with some handy dual-sport features thrown in, constructed from a lightweight and durable full-grain oiled leather they offergreater rider agility and bike control.


My beat-up old Corsa that likes to break down almost exclusively during important events, (my wedding day, Christmas day and family meals), I’m beginning to think some of my anxiety issues have rubbed off on it and it can’t handle social situations. I have seen that little yellow engine management light pop up on the dash more times than I care to remember and 9 times out of 10 it is a relatively simple problem to fix, but as I have no way of knowing the problem we regularly pay out silly amounts of money to our mechanic.


Pure Highway 600

The Highway 600 from Pure is an in-car audio adapter with DAB, Bluetooth music and hands-free calling. this kit comes with antenna, wireless controller, magnetic grounding tail, DAB film aerial, microphone module, batteries (2 x AAA), wireless controller bracket, 12v power adapter, self-adhesive cable clips, cleaning wipe and documentation. The system allows you to update your car audio into a modern DAB radio with extra features instead of replacing your entire system.

Held Helmets

If you are a motorcyclist, you will have heard of the Held brand; they have been manufacturing Motorbike gear since 1946 and are renowned for quality products. Their catalogue is a whopping 300 pager, stacked full of clothing, helmets, protection, luggage, covers - in fact, just about everything you could ever need. 

We were sent three Held helmets to review, all of them at a price point of well under £200.    

Forcefield Body Armour Sport Jacket

Forcefield are Body Armour specialists that create impact protection and high-performance clothing systems. The Body Armour Sports Jacket is an armoured layer for motorcycling whether that’s road, touring or commuting, and comes in either the CE1 or CE2 version. The difference between the two is the thickness of the armour built into the jacket - the CE1 is 8mm thick whilst the CE2 is 12mm.