Break the Board

Break the Board


Like Jackie Chan and the Dayman, you too can become a master of karate. Or, your kids can, anyway.  The Break the Board game has somehow managed to turn chopping a board in half into an electronic game. This is a fun, unusual game that make a great gift for any martial arts enthusiasts this Christmas. (But, if they’re really into the sport, do think about getting them actual classes, too!)

3Doodler Pen Sets – Build & Play, Start and Create+

3Doodler Pen Sets – Build & Play, Start and Create+

In a world where 3D printing has become a popular and widespread manufacturing tool, it is inevitable that products will be churned out for use by the public too. By producing a set of 3D printing pens designed for various ages, 3Doodler is certainly one company to make you sit up and take notice.

Colt Super Express

Colt Super Express

Colt Super Express by Ludonaute is a card game for 3 – 7 players set in the gun-slinging Wild West. You play as one of a selection of bandits that hold up a train, but the train driver has started fighting back by unhooking carriages. That’s right – those carriages are your count-down.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit

With so much parental concern about the amount of screen time children are spending in front of computers, phones and tablets, it is refreshing to see just how Osmo have taken this into account for their Genius Starter Kit.

A truly unique educational gaming accessory for the iPad, Osmo have made sure that the experience is more about physical interaction and less about staring at the screen.

StreetFighter II Champion Edition

This is a great nostalgic item to be released. Firstly it has Street Fighter 2 champion edition, as well as Street Fighter 2 Turbo, so it is two games in one. It also included a bonus mini fight stick for 2 player competition. There are two USB ports on the back to add the extra controller into the game. It also offers a nice touch with 2 coin slots with replica’s coins that also come with. The game play is brilliant with the buttons/joystick being very clear and self-explanatory.

Coding Critters™ Rumble & Bumble

We’ve reviewed a few coding toys in Gadget Head, and the concept behind all of them is fantastic – get kids engaging with coding ideas now, to prepare them for what is bound to be a highly digital future. We had simple coding toys when I was a kid, but they were heavy, clunky, and didn’t do an awful lot. Today’s versions are fantastic, and Coding Critters are bringing something to the table that I haven’t seen before – props, story books, and a whole bunch of new reasons to get coding!

The Monopoly Voice Banking game

We’ve all seen dozens of Monopoly revamps over the years. Themed for every major fandom and license, there’s a novelty Monopoly for everyone, but it’s far less common for the actual gameplay of this household classic to get switched up. First patented in 1904, Monopoly was originally called ‘The Landlord's Game’ and was created to show the harms of the rent laws at the time. In 1933, it settled into the version we recognise today, and it’s continued to set families against each other ever since.