iStorage datAshur BT

iStorage datAshur BT

£79 - £139 (16Gb – 128GB)
Our datAshur BT: £109 (64 GB)

Digital security can be a daunting prospect. Private files or confidential company documents are important to keep from prying eyes, but if you’re anything like me, you’re aware of the threat yet don’t know how to go about finding the solution.

Bash Bunny

You've heard of high-tech USBs to keep your data safe, but how about USBs to run simulated attacks?
The Bash Bunny by Hak5 is a simple and powerful multi-function USB attack and automation platform for penetration testers and systems administrators. So, if you need to check whether a system is hack-proof, the Bash Bunny can test it for you!

Brinno DUO Smart Peephole DoorCam

I am a pretty antisocial person, if I don’t recognise a phone number chances are I’m not going to answer it, I am not so lucky with callers to the house, our front door is right by the window so by the time I’ve spied who it is they have seen me too and I’ve been told it looks a little rude when I drop to the floor and hastily crawl up the stairs to avoid people. The Brinno DUO Smart Peephole DoorCam lets you see who is at your door without having to leave your favourite hiding place, avoid the cold callers during dinner and even photograph dodgy looking t

Yale All-in-One Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Yale might be best known as a lock-making company, but what you may not know is that they also produce a wide range of home security smart devices including the All-in-One Indoor/Outdoor Camera. This camera is app enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa, all you have to ask is, “Show me the front door” to access a live feed from your camera on Alexa screen-enabled devices (compatible with Echo Show, Echo Spot, all generations of Fire TV, 2nd generation Fire TV Stick and fire Tab).