Spyder Bromont Jacket

Spyder was born in 1977 when David Jacobs’ noticed there were limited options for ski racing sweaters. From there, the company has expanded into all types of snow sports apparel and outdoor wear. The Bromont Jacket is highly featured and well-equipped for the elements, it is available in three striking two tone designs Black/Turkish Sea (black and blue), Polar/Acid (grey and yellow) and Volano/Black (red and black) as well as a more understated Wool Blend Twill/Turkish Sea (grey).

XTech X2 Shoulder Pads

Football is played so intensely in the States, that the teammates armour themselves like knights -  take note Neymar - this is because they crash into each other like stags in rutting season! The X2 created by XTech Pads have been designed to provide reliable protection, whilst at the same time allowing for flexibility and breathability. These shoulder pads have been carefully crafted to ensure every element is performing to its utmost to push you to do the same. They are lightweight, breathable, flexible, water resistant and importantly comfortable.

Proviz Reflect360 Performance Cycling Jacket

New for the 2018/2019 season, the Reflect360 Performance Cycling Jacket from Proviz has been designed to keep you not just visible but fricking unmissable on the dark roads this time of year. It have been created to go over the top of your regular cycling gear (including waterproofs as there is little water projection from this jacket), this jacket will offer 360 reflection from vehicle, street and torch lights helping to keep you safe on your travels.

On Running Cloudflyer Waterproof

The ever popular Cloudflyer from On Running has had a waterproof upgrade for the winter, it’s hard enough to find the motivation to head out for a run with the dark evenings and cold that the sight of rain and the thought of cold wet socks is enough to send you under the duvet for good. The Cloudflyer Waterproof provides a lightweight shoe with waterproof protection, it’s available in one design Black & Lunar in both Men’s and Women’s and they are available in half sizes.

Dainese AWA M1

If you are looking for a serious upgrade this ski season (and have a good chunk of cash burning a whole in your pocket) the AWA M1 from Dainese could be just what you are looking for. Available in four designs, Black-Iris, Gun-Metal, Lemon-Chrome and Stretch-Limo it comes in sizes XS-XL. What makes the M1 special is the layering system that is made up of a three-layer waterproof breathable outer shell and an insulating, packable inner jacket.

Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet combines protection with connectivity, that helps to keep you safe on the road whilst allowing you to enjoy some tunes and remain connected to people via calls and SOS Emergency Alerts. Starting with the overall design, the helmet has large ventilated areas and angled edges for a sharp and streamlined look, it is available in Black, White, Red and Blue.

Beryl Laserlight

Winter can be an especially dangerous time for cyclists, the dark mornings and afternoons along with bad weather can make it particularly hard to remain visible to other road users. The Laserlight has come up with a unique way to let other road users become aware of your presence. According to Beryl’s research, 79% of cycle accidents occur when the cyclist is travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them, probably because they haven’t checked their left rear-view mirror.

Coloral Bottle

With cycling quickly becoming the go to midlife crisis distraction that is usurping the sports car and golf club membership, there is probably someone you know who would love the Coloral cycling bottle, though it’s equally great as work, gym or travel bottle. This super stylish 400ml water bottle is a faithful replica to the original design used in the golden age of cycling, made from foodgrade stainless steel that is brushed for a muted finish, it has durable design whilst remaining lightweight and compact, and will fit modern bottle cages.

Arena Powerskin Carbon-Flex VX (closed back)

The Powerskin Carbon-Flex VX (open back) is a high-performance swimsuit from Arena, featuring their carbon cage fabric  that is designed for short and long-distance competitive swimming. This swimsuit has a V-Flex System, this allows for optimum freedom of movement around the hips, glutes and shoulders. This V-Flex System has been designed so the seams have been moved away from the sides of the suit to form a ‘flex line’ across the hip flexors for reduced resistance during starts, turns and breaststroke kicks.