Salus Controls iT500

Since some smart person decided we shouldn’t have to worry about getting up off our backsides to control our heating, smart controls have been arriving on the market with a range of features and abilities. The iT500 is a smartphone-controlled thermostat that gives you the option for heating and hot water control or two heating zones, whereas many controllers of this nature work off a radio frequency, this product works by connecting via the internet.

ROK Coffee Grinder

When you stumble into the kitchen first thing in the morning desperate for a shot of the black stuff to kick start your brain the last thing you want is to the ear-splitting mechanical scream of a coffee grinder rattling through your skull. The Coffee Grinder from ROK is a blissfully quiet manual grinder, a much more ear-friendly way to start the day. It is incredibly easy to set up and use; simply attach the handle and place the cup underneath, add your beans and turn the handle clockwise to grind.

Logitech Circle 2

The Circle 2 from Logitech is a versatile home security camera that can be used in a wired or wireless configuration, inside or outside the home.The super easy-to-install camera features a 180° wide-angle lens that records in 1080p HD and is Wi-Fi connected to allow you to store your footage in your own private cloud. The Circle 2 is beautifully made, using premium materials, looks attractive, and you can choose to power it from the mains or via the rechargeable built-in battery which gives you total freedom when it comes to installation location.

Kärcher Hard floor cleaner FC 5 Premium

We all know cleaning isn’t exactly at the top of the list of things we love to get home and do - I can think of exactly 597 things I would choose to do before reaching for the mop and bucket - but sadly part of being an adult means having to do dull things like cleaning the floor (the price we pay for being able to stay up late and eat dessert before mains). Thankfully, gadgets are available to make these chores faster, easier and more enjoyable (if you have ever used a mechanical apple peeler you will know what I mean) and the Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner F

JR Ultra 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer

Good things come to those who wait, and the JR Ultra 8000 S2 Whole Slow Juicer takes juicing to a whole new level; it can juice continually for up to 2 hours, longer than any other household slow juicer, and is suitable for both home and commercial use. The 8000 S2 uses advanced juicing design and technology with a new upgraded Advanced Squeeze Technology, two-step auger design and filters with a large mesh surface area to extract the maximum amount of juice, even from leafy greens.

Tala Brass Pendant and Gaia LED

Tala is an award-winning lighting brand that aims to create beautiful and stylish lighting that can help to mitigate climate change. This London-based studio focuses on the tension between sustainability, technology and design throughout their collections. These contemporary designs carefully select methods and materials based on their environmental impact, and remain committed to reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Tala also donate a percentage of their revenue to reforestation programmes in the UK, the US and around the world.

Drayton Wiser Multizone Kit 1

Have you ever been in the situation were you are curled up in bed thinking, “Jeez, I’m freezing,” and then have the internal battle as to whether or not you can face crawling out from underneath the duvet to put the heating on, or to ignore the fact you can’t feel your feet and hopefully fall asleep? Wouldn’t it be better if you could just poke one hand out of your cocoon, open an app and turn the heat on? Well, yes, of course it would. The Wiser Multi Zone Kit 1 does just that.

Fluval 207 Canister Filter

Unless you are familiar with the world of aquatic products you may have not come across the name Fluval before, but they are in fact one of the worlds leading producers of aquatic products, and yes, we are talking about tanks for fishy friends, these guys have been creating quality products for over 35 years. The Fluval 207 Canister Filter has been designed to deliver a range of practical benefits to create a clean and healthy environment for your fish, it has a high level of filtration, which means less maintenance, (less time spent elbow deep in scummy f

Catit Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo

When we brought our sweet little kittens home, we provided them with a little kitten litter box to do their little kitten business in. We had read that by putting the boxes by the cat flap, you can slowly teach them to go to the loo outside. Six years later and my cats will run indoors to use the litter tray and go straight back outside again, so that was a massive fail. So, knowing that we will be using litter boxes for the foreseeable future, we were more than happy to try out the Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo from Catit.

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

When you first decide to take the step from bitter garbage coffee (I think the supermarkets call it ‘instant’) into the world of fresh delicious coffee, it can be difficult to know which of the vast quantity of coffee-related gadgets you might need or which style of coffee preparation will become your method of choice. The first step is to get yourself a coffee grinder - unless you fancy doing it by hand, this will be a necessary starting point for every cup of coffee you’re going to make in your new, ‘proper coffee’ life.