London Tradition Martina Long Coat

I have always loved a big chunky winter coat and when I got the chance to write a review for London Tradition, I jumped at it. 

Since the 19th century, London Tradition has been a centre of garment manufacturing, however there are very few companies like them left.  They are deeply proud to represent the best in modern British manufacturing.

Leatherman EDC Rebar Multitool

Everybody should have a multitool in their arsenal. There have been numerous times my trusty tool has got me out of trouble whilst camping, motorcycling and even in the office. You may not need it for years but, when you need it to get you out of a muddle, it will have paid for itself! There are several decent brands available, however the Leatherman is a tried and tested manufacturer and they have led the way since the company was founded by Tim Leatherman back in 1983.

TreePod Cabana

TreePod is the brainchild of Colorado company, Hanging Habitats, who love nothing more than literally hanging out! This KickStarter project had its success in 2015 with a pop-up tree house aimed at children however, this latest creation is aimed at adults with a hammock/tent/chair combination that lets you chill out whilst suspended off the ground.

Klymit Armored V Sleeping Pad

When it comes to comfort people often think more is…well more, however you don’t need to have the thickest mattress in the world to get a decent nights sleep. You heard it here first, the Klymit Armored V sleeping pad has been created to offer you an excellent night’s sleep, even on the most rugged of terrain with a thin sleeping pad that can be inflated in less than a minute.

Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus

This time of year, we seem to have an endless stream of guests who want to come over, eat our food, and drink our booze. On top of the hassle of feeding and talking to them, we need to pretend we don’t live in absolute filth by cleaning the place. It’s not just the inside we have to worry about, with all the outdoor Christmas lights and plastic reindeers we like to make sure the whole place is spotless.

Freewaters Tall Boy Trainer Knit

Freewaters was set up in 2010, San Francisco, by two surfers/product designers with the dream of producing footwear for those who want to travel without limitation, but at the same time help give something positive back to the world. This has been achieved by ensuring that each pair sold helps to fund clean drinking water projects in small communities in Kenya, Haiti and the Philippines and have so far completed 80 water projects to date.

HAIX Black Eagle Safety 50 High

Taking safety to the next level is the Black Eagle Safety 50 High boot from HAIX, they sneak a little further up the leg than regular boots to add further protections to the lower leg, the upper material is a 1.8–2.0mm thick waterproof, hydrophobic and breathable leather construction, with a GORETEX lining for further protection against the elements. The lining is also abrasion resistant and has optimised Climate comfort for intense activity levels and working in and outdoors, it allows moisture and heat to escape whilst ensuring nothing but cooling air ge