HAIX Protector Light 2.0

HAIX Protector Light 2.0

RRP: £179.90

HAIX provide a wide range of sturdy work boots for any occasion, including shoes that specify their suitability climbing, trekking or even tree surgery. In the HAIC Protector Light, the company brought us a secure all-rounder of a boot, suitable as a work boot or walking shoe, but in the HAIX Protector Light 2.0, the company has taken this design up a notch, for only a £10 rise in RRP.

AeroPress Go coffee maker




If you haven’t already tried the AeroPress, then let me tell you it’s already a pretty convenient gizmo for making a smooth, crema-topped coffee without the bitterness you get from a stove-top cafetière. Every time I use my sister’s I make a mental note to buy one ourselves, only now I may not. As a frequent camper who cannot go without the morning ritual of a hot brew, I’m tempted to opt for the AeroPress’ portable little sibling instead!