RiutBag R15.3

Whether you are exploring new countries or walking through your home town or city, there will always be that small percentage of people who are on the look out for any opportunity to help themselves to your belongings. The RiutBag range comes from the mind of Scottish born, Sarah Giblin with the aim of ensuring the utmost security whilst you are out and about by designing all the access points to lay up against the body.

Rhinowares Coffee Grinder with Adaptor for AeroPress

If you are a coffee lover you don’t want to be limited to only drinking your favourite coffee at home, the Rhinowares Hand Coffee Grinder allows you to grind coffee on the go, it has been constructed with a compact size that fits inside an AeroPress, allowing you to pack the complete coffee making kit without taking up too much space. It is made from a quality food grade stainless steel making it easy to clean and it also helps to reduce static, it has been tested and certified as ‘food safe’ by an independent laboratory.

El Camino Bracelets

The El Camino Bracelet was thought up by Tom (from England) and Candace (from Canada), whilst hiking along the coast from Barcelona to Monaco. On their return to England, they created a few bracelets for themselves and friends with a man down the road engraving the little metal Steps. As demand grew due to word of mouth, the pair decided to name their creation El Camino, which is a nod to the Spanish roots where they first thought up the idea and means, rather appropriately, route or path in Spanish.

Weber Pulse 2000 Grill with Cart

Yes! it is BBQ season, time to burn both your dinner and your skin whilst getting steadily more drunk in your back garden, pure bliss. The Pulse 2000 Grill from Weber takes some of the stress out of dining alfresco by using electric to grill without the hassle of lighting the flames, choking your friends and family with smoke for 15mins before trying to accurate place your food over the hot parts of the charcoal.


When it comes to gardening I have very little to maintain, the back garden is more of a quarry with a few raspberry canes and a handful of tulips for one month of the year, I pretty much leave it to do its own thing, the front garden however has a large hedge on the boundary (don’t ask me what kind, its green and seems to grow at the same rate as bamboo). I normally tackle this hedge by hacking away at it with a pair of sheers until I it looks half dead, or I get bored, whichever comes first.

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Single XL with Suspension Straps

When me and my friends go camping we tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink, but some people like to travel a little lighter. Whilst I choose to sleep on the large blow up bed with sheet, duvet and pillows this isn’t always an option when people are travelling for long periods of time and trekking deep into the wilderness.