Osprey Ozone 75 Convertible

I am more than a little bit in love with this bag. I only wish we had got our hands on it sooner for our recent travels in South America, as this bag is ALL bags, all at once. Do you want a wheelie bag for easy commuting around airports and public transport? A light day pack for exploring? A large comfortable backpack for long tips and travelling? This bag is all those things and more. This light-weight wheeled travel pack transforms into a fully operational backpack.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker

It isn’t often the beauty and functionality come together in such a sweet package, but the Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker by Marshall manages to combine the two beautifully. This is most definitely a speaker you will want to display with pride of place in your home. Available in the classic amp design, there is a choice of Black, Brown or a cool Cream. It features the iconic gold script logo, gold piping, vinyl casing and vintage-inspired fret grille cloth. It has all the charm of the original 60’s design with all the functions of a modern product.

Jetboil MightyMo

The MightyMo is Jetboil’s first stand-alone universal stove system, meaning you don’t have to have Jetboil’s compatible cookware to use the stove . You can bring your grimy old tins that you haven’t washed since your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and they will work just fine (apart from the potential food poisoning). This storable single burner is reasonably lightweight at 95g (3.3oz), although there are lighter models on the market.

iStorage diskAshur²

Adding a security keypad to anything instantly makes it more exciting. Whether it’s feeling superior at being able to access the stock room whilst the rest of the dregs are forbidden, or punching in your gym pin to do five minutes of low cardio on the off-chance you might see that girl that smiled at you once, but I digress. The iStorage diskAshur² is an easy to use, ultra-secure, PIN authenticated USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, software-free design and super-fast data transfer speeds.

Härkila Vindeln Fleece Jacket

The name Härkila originated from the 17th century, from a family farmhouse in the county of Västra Götaland on the west coast of Sweden. It translates from the Nordic tongue into “The field of great bulls”, in reference to the many giant moose that lived in the area. Moving from hunting to award-winning dog breeding, the family began to create hunting gear by establishing a sewing workshop and making protective clothing for all weathers.

AKU Alterra GTX

AKU was born in Italy to founder Galliano Bordin and grew over 40 years from a small workshop into an industry that designs and produces trekking and outdoor footwear. The Alterra GTX is a versatile trekking boot designed for medium and unpredictable trekking terrains, available in sizes 3-13 in UK shoe sizes. It offers good ankle support and durability at a light-weight 670g per shoe.

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack

5.11 are not just your regular clothing line - they are the Bear Grylls of clothing lines. Their original 5.11 Pant was chosen by the FBI Training Academy as its training pant in 1992, which began the long relationship of 5.11’s commitment to public safety and the first responder community. In 2003, 5.11 Tactical began developing a larger range in their law enforcement line by creating gear that met the needs of people in the field, and in 2012 they redesigned their women’s range for a better fit and higher performance.

V-moda REMIX

The REMIX is a small but mighty Bluetooth speaker, measuring in at just over 8", powered with a newly designed glass-fibre diaphragm and long coil drivers, the REMIX also features a rear-mounted bass reflex port. The REMIX is the world’s first speaker to use a built-in headphone amplifier to drive your headphones with a power boost, it also comes with a daisy chain cable that lets you wire REMIX onto REMIX to an unlimited degree (well… as far as your bank account lets you) which lets you play with a larger sound and surround sound experience.

Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones

These wonderfully tactile headphones are comprised of premium protein leather and a durable complimentary fabric cord, memory foam headphone-cushions with isolating memory foam that moulds to the shape of your ears and create a good seal. They are 172g, nice and light for long periods of wear, whilst having a clean minimalist look with only one physical button for switching it on and connecting. They are available in Rose Gold, Fluffy Cloud (white), Blue Petroleum and Dark Clown (dark grey/black).