Rapha Core Winter Jacket

The Core Winter Jacket from Rapha has arrived to ensure you have no excuse not to get out on the bike as the days get colder allowing you to continue your training through the winter months. The Core range focuses on getting the basics right so the Winter Jacket has a weather-resistant 3-layer laminate front section that keeps the body and front of the arms warm with wind and water resistance and it has a breathable back to let any excess heat escape.

myHummy Filbert Sleep Aid

As any parent will tell you there comes a time when you little darling just won’t go to sleep and where you would literally try anything that helps. Have you tried sleep aids? These devices can make all the difference to the first few months of parenthood and could possibly just save your sanity. Filbert the bear from myHummy, is a smart little bear, approx 19x36cm, with a bowtie and checked sleeves, soft but not fluffy or as cute as some other sleep aids on the market.

Kjus BT 2.0 Glove

The Kjus BT 2.0 Glove has been created to help you avoid needing to whip your ski gloves off in freezing conditions when you need to call your hungover mates to see if they have even hit the slopes yet. These Bluetooth integrated gloves allow you to make and receive phone calls without getting your smartphone out of your pocket, keeping your hands warm and phone dry during sleet or snow.

Giro Balance Goggles with Loden Green Lens

The Balance Goggles from Giro feature a classic full frame style packed with modern vision technology, whilst the VIVID lens from Optics by ZEISS provide enhanced contrast and clarity compatible with Giro helmets. Created in Giro's test lab in Scotts Valley, California, these new goggles have been designed to give you wide-angled peripheral vision. The frame has been shaved down around the rim and is completely non-existent in some places to remove any obstacles from restricting your field of vision.

Dr Brown's Deluxe Steriliser

The newly re-designed Deluxe Bottle Steriliser from Dr Brown’s uses steam to sterilise six bottles at once. It has been designed specifically for all Dr Brown’s bottles and most other bottle brands too. This steriliser has an easy-to-use operation with electronic controls, cycle indicators and an automatic shut-off when a cycle is finished.

Bell Super 3R Mips-Equipped Helmet

The Super 3R is a helmet that can change as quickly as the trail terrain, designed specifically for the versatile demands of all-mountain riding. The removable chin bar makes the Super 3R perfectly suited for an all-mountain experience - this clever little two-in-one helmet lets you effortlessly remove the bar for long climbs, then when you hit the daring decent, whip it out and clip it on in the time it takes to push forward down the mountain.