Lifeprint Harry Potter Magic Photo

What could be better than an inkless printer that can bring your photos to life? A Harry Potter inkless printer that can bring photos to life, just like the portraits in Hogwarts Castle but with the help of an AR compatible app instead of magic - I know, I’m sorry, but it’s the closest you can get to becoming a wizard right now.

Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig

It’s great that there are vloggers and social media influencers to tell us what to think these days rather than the traditional newspapers, it means we don’t have to strain our brains trying to remember how to read, plus its great to know these 17 year olds are making more in a week than you make in a whole year. If you want to get in on the action without looking like a complete beginner with your double chins and stretched out arm in every shot the GorillaPod Mobile Rig from Joby could be just what you need.

Freewaters Tall Boy Trainer Knit

Freewaters was set up in 2010, San Francisco, by two surfers/product designers with the dream of producing footwear for those who want to travel without limitation, but at the same time help give something positive back to the world. This has been achieved by ensuring that each pair sold helps to fund clean drinking water projects in small communities in Kenya, Haiti and the Philippines and have so far completed 80 water projects to date.

Earin M-2

Earin is a Swedish based company that take audio seriously, they were one of the first companies to produce truly wireless headphones after a successful Kickstarter project way back in 2016 which is about 50 years in gadget time. At first look the Earin M-2 appears to have the same level of quality and class as their older brother, these small but mighty earbuds are wonderfully light that you could be forgiven for thinking you weren’t even wearing them.

Dainese AWA M1

If you are looking for a serious upgrade this ski season (and have a good chunk of cash burning a whole in your pocket) the AWA M1 from Dainese could be just what you are looking for. Available in four designs, Black-Iris, Gun-Metal, Lemon-Chrome and Stretch-Limo it comes in sizes XS-XL. What makes the M1 special is the layering system that is made up of a three-layer waterproof breathable outer shell and an insulating, packable inner jacket.

Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet combines protection with connectivity, that helps to keep you safe on the road whilst allowing you to enjoy some tunes and remain connected to people via calls and SOS Emergency Alerts. Starting with the overall design, the helmet has large ventilated areas and angled edges for a sharp and streamlined look, it is available in Black, White, Red and Blue.

Beryl Laserlight

Winter can be an especially dangerous time for cyclists, the dark mornings and afternoons along with bad weather can make it particularly hard to remain visible to other road users. The Laserlight has come up with a unique way to let other road users become aware of your presence. According to Beryl’s research, 79% of cycle accidents occur when the cyclist is travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them, probably because they haven’t checked their left rear-view mirror.

Blackvue DR900S-1CH Dash Cam

The Blackvue DR900S-1CH Dash Cam has jam-packed all the latest dash cam features into a sleek and attractive body, helping you protect yourself, your car and your no-claims bonus when out on the road. This single-channel dash cam (also available in two channel) uses an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor to capture videos in 4K ultra high definition.

Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot and Stain Cleaner

You would think a group of thirty-somethings would have had enough life experience by now to be able to have a sophisticated evening in without it ending in debauchery, so did we, sadly this was not the case for a night that will forever be known as red wine tsunami night. First, a glass got knocked over on the table, oops no problem, we can clean this. Second came the glass of red wine smashed on the carpet, followed by a “helpful” friend throwing tonic on it (“I totally read this somewhere” becoming the quote of the night) thus spreading it further.

Alpinestars Tech 8 RS

Alpinestars have been making serious apparel for serious sports since 1963, we are taking about the kind of sports where you could potentially die at every second - motocross, road and off-road motorcycling racing, open wheel and stock car racing and the sort of cycling where you throw yourself down near vertical slopes at ridiculous speeds. The Tech 8 RS have been designed for off-road performance with a new, full, inner bootie for a precise and comfortable fit and an innovative buckle closure system for convenience.