Vitrex Pro 630mm Tile Cutter

Vitrex was born in 1939 to Gaston Florin after initially developing a range of hand tools during World War II. The very first plastic DIY products to be sold under the Vitrex brand were launched during the 1950s, and from there the company have continued to grow, establishing Vitrex as a leading brand in DIY. The Pro 630mm Tile Cutter is a compact and lightweight tile cutter that lets you cut tiles to shape to design your own home, using a simple score and snap technique for preparation.

POC Ventral Air Spin

POC is a Swedish company with a mission to do the best they can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. Founded in 2005 it first appeared on the market with products designed for the ski racing market, with new solutions to improve ski racing safety, by reducing the force transmitted to the brain and body in case of a crash. These days POC make safety gear for mountain and road cycling as well as snow sports and sunglasses to help keep you safe whilst you get your adventure sport on.

Plantronics Backbeat GO 810

The Backbeat GO 810 from Plantronics are over-ear headphones featuring Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) with dual mode and up to 22 hours of battery life per charge, available in Graphite Black, Bone White and an attractive Navy Blue. Self-titled as “escapeware” the dual mode ANC lets you choose how much background noise you allow to penetrate the headset depending on how noisy the environment is, whether you are on the daily commute or simply trying to drown out the family around you.

Periodic Audio

We were lucky enough to be sent three out of the four headphones Periodic Audio has to offer: the Magnesium, Titanium, Beryllium as well as the Nickel. This young company wants to create the best audio experience by stripping away all the bulk and unnecessary frills and focusing on a high quality sound in a super portable way. Periodic Audio is a company formed to act as the self-funded, small team of audio product specialists, who want to produce “performance heavy, and buzzword-y feature impaired”, devices.

Master & Dynamic MW65

Beauty doesn’t always come at a cost, but in this case it certainly does - you will definitely have to scrape together all the pennies from down the back of the sofa for these headphones - but if you love your music and style we think you won’t regret it. The MW65 is available in either the Gunmetal/Black Leather design or the Silver Metal/Brown Leather model (we received this version), they are constructed from premium materials including lightweight anodized aluminium and soft leathers for a comfortable fit.

Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear

The Q Adapt On-Ear headphones from Libratone are first and foremost a gorgeous pair of on-ear headphones, they come in Stormy Black, Elegant Nude and Cloudy White (we received the latter), they have been designed with clean lines, a minimalist finish and high-quality fabric-coated headband. They come in an attractive round box with a durable carry case that can be flattened down for compact storage when empty, they are lightweight at just 200g and when combined with the super soft ear cups you can comfortably wear them for hours at a time.

Helinox Chair Two

Straight from the off I’m going to confess I love Helinox chairs, the regular Sunday set up at our house is the hubby and I, sat in our Helinox chairs in front of the TV, kicking some zombie ass on CoD (we know how to live it up). This isn’t what they are made for, but they are so freaking convenient we tend to use them for everything. Helinox chairs (they also make tables and cots) are designed to be strong, lightweight and compact, making them the perfect travel companion.