Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Zip XL

If travelling light is a key element to your outdoor adventure, then consider the Deep Jungle Zip XL as a replacement for the humble tent. This hammock from Hennessy Hammock is for serious trekking - we are talking deep amazon jungle escapades, not a weekend in your local woodland, although it would work for that too.

Halo Sport Neuropriming HeadPhones

Since the Instagram revolution everyone likes to show off their skills. If you can’t walk on your hands, nail the Scorpion Pose or smash out Voodoo Child on the ukulele should you even have an account? However, you quit your dance classes and music lessons as soon as your mates started hanging out at the park after school and now you can barely get off the sofa without groaning and wouldn’t know where to put your fingers on a Uke.

Forcefield Body Armour Ex-K Harness Adventure

If you are going to straddle a rocket and hurtle along the tarmac, it’s probably a sensible idea to wear some protection, and yes, I mean more than a helmet and imitation leather jacket. Forcefield Body Armour are specialists in impact protection and high-performance clothing systems, so it’s a good place to start.


The Fingbox, which sounds a bit like what you would call the router when you can’t remember what the proper name is, lets you monitor and protect the people and devices on your network via the Fing mobile and web app.

The Fingbox plugs into your Wi-Fi router and lets you see who’s coming and going in your home, as well as set parental controls, detect intruders and attacks. It’s basically like a compact internet bouncer…ID please, mate.


EcoSphere Ecosystem

When I was young, my older sister got sea monkeys for Christmas. I remember being so jealous and arguing the fact that, although I was just 5 years old, I had both the skills and dedication to shoulder the responsibility of a little shrimpy family of my own. I quickly disproved my point by accidently knocking over my sister’s tank within hours of her setting it up. Twenty-six years later, I feel I am just about ready to take on the challenge again, except, this time, there is no possibility of spillage thanks the EcoSphere.

Bresser Biolux NV 20X-1280X Microscope with HD USB Camera

The Bresser Biolux NV 20X-1280X Microscope comes with everything you need to get your microscopic visuals on: a microscope, mechanical desk, 2 eyepieces, 3 objectives, 2x Barlow lens, 5 prepared slides, 5 blank slides, microscope cutlery, PC-Ocular, dust cover, hard case, and the HD USB camera with metal housing is also included.