Iontoderma iD-1000

With loads of products out there to prevent your underarms from sweating, it is quite acceptable that people use deodorants. But what about sweat in other places? Excessive sweating from your hands and feet can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing issue, and people who suffer from this dread being asked to take their shoes off or presented with a welcoming offer of a handshake, but you won’t see aisles of products to treat it or adverts for it on daytime tv.

Scarpa Trek GTX

Scarpa was founded in 1939 by Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness, 2nd Earl of Iveagh, an Anglo-Irish businessman. You may recognise this name as the man who founded of Guinness Brewing Company and the Guinness Book of Records. This guy had his finger in many pies. Although the brand name sounds like a clever rugged word it is actually an acronym for ‘Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima’, which translates to the ‘Association of Footwear Manufacturers from the mountain area of Asolo’, which is not quite as catchy -  I can see why he shortened it.

Dakine Terminal Spinner 40L

The Dakine Terminal Spinner 40L is a soft-sided carry-on bag that comes in four attractive colours: Burnt Rose, Timber, Black and Dark Navy. The four-wheel spinner has been designed to transfer the weight out of your hand and onto the wheels - the four precision-bearing, replaceable, 6cm urethane wheels provide a smooth ride allowing you spin on a dime and zip around the airport terminal with ease, with the bag remaining in your field of vision the whole time.

Dakine Cyclone II Dry Pack 36L

Dakine’s ‘Cyclone’ range is made for the world of surfing. Now, when you think of surfers, you may conjure up the idea some topless, muscle bound Adonis (or is that just me?) but, in reality, you have spare clothes, your phone, keys, wallet, sun cream and maybe some snacks, and you need somewhere to keep all that uncool but essential gear.