Held Helmets

If you are a motorcyclist, you will have heard of the Held brand; they have been manufacturing Motorbike gear since 1946 and are renowned for quality products. Their catalogue is a whopping 300 pager, stacked full of clothing, helmets, protection, luggage, covers - in fact, just about everything you could ever need. 

We were sent three Held helmets to review, all of them at a price point of well under £200.    

GoFish Cam

It’s strange to think that when you go fishing and you are sat in your chair, enjoying the sun (if you are lucky), all the action is taking place out of sight just a few meters away. It’s all too easy to imagine, after a few hours, that there is a prize-winning fish sitting next to the line having a giggle at your expense. Well, now you can spy into all that underwater drama with the use of the GoFish Cam (not to be mistaken with a Plenty of Fish cam).

Forcefield Body Armour Sport Jacket

Forcefield are Body Armour specialists that create impact protection and high-performance clothing systems. The Body Armour Sports Jacket is an armoured layer for motorcycling whether that’s road, touring or commuting, and comes in either the CE1 or CE2 version. The difference between the two is the thickness of the armour built into the jacket - the CE1 is 8mm thick whilst the CE2 is 12mm.

DNAfit Body Fit

It is painfully obvious in my family that one diet doesn’t fit all. My sister has the metabolism of an athlete and could sit on her backside and eat cake for a month without putting on one pound. I, on the other hand, only need to walk past a bakery and I’ve gained half a stone. It makes sense to assume our individual genetic makeup can have an effect on health and fitness routines, and the Body Fit from DNAfit provides you with a breakdown of your DNA and how it can impact your diet and exercise.

DeWalt DCK623P3-GB 18v 3 x 5.0Ah Brushless Compact 6Pc Kit

The DeWalt DCK623P3-GB six-piece kit comes with a whole host of gear, ideal for tradesmen, worksites and ensuring that you never have an excuse to avoid any type of DIY ever again. It comes with the DCG405 18V XR 125mm Small Angle Grinder, DCS367 18V XR Compact Reciprocating Saw, DCS570 18V XR 184mm Circular Saw, DCF887 18V XR 3-Speed Impact Driver, DCD796 18V XR Compact Hammer Drill Drive, DCL050 18V XR Handheld LED Area Light, two 1-70-322 TOUGHSYSTEM DS300, three DCB184 18V XR 5.0Ah Batteries and DCB115 XR Multi-Voltage Charger.

Dainese Scarabeo Elbow and Knee Guards

I was 12 when Jackass first hit the screens and immediately decided to ignore all those warnings and attempt to jump my mountain bike off a home-made ramp. Unsurprisingly, the ramp immediately collapsed under my weight, locked my front wheel and sent me sailing over the handle bars, just like the boys on the show. Unlike those guys, I hit the ground and burst into tears: this is when I learnt that falling off isn’t funny - it’s painful and dumb.

Cre8 Sounds CR8-P1 Sport Wireless Earbuds

The CR8-P1 Sport Wireless Earbuds have been specifically developed to enable you to listen to music whilst you work out without getting tangled up in wires. These earbuds come in an attractive hard case that doubles as a charger, with a 2200 mAh battery that gives you a total of a whopping 72 hours playtime. The charging case can also be used to top up the battery life of your smart devices, whilst its compact 65 x 30 mm size means you can easily fit it into your pocket, backpack or gym gear.

Fluval 207 Canister Filter

Unless you are familiar with the world of aquatic products you may have not come across the name Fluval before, but they are in fact one of the worlds leading producers of aquatic products, and yes, we are talking about tanks for fishy friends, these guys have been creating quality products for over 35 years. The Fluval 207 Canister Filter has been designed to deliver a range of practical benefits to create a clean and healthy environment for your fish, it has a high level of filtration, which means less maintenance, (less time spent elbow deep in scummy f