Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is the baby of the Sphero family: This cute little dude squeezes a lot of fun into a tiny package. It comes in a choice of five starter colours: Blue, Pink, White, Orange and Green and comes with three Mini Traffic Cones and six Mini Bowling Pins. Apple have also recently launched three exclusive colours, Red, Purple and Grey.

Sega Toys Flux Satin Black

Gadgets can be used for a whole host of things like cleaning, cooking, travel and not forgetting pure evil - but sometimes they are simply used to create something beautiful. The Flux from Sega Toys is one of those products. This sweet little planetarium can turn your bedroom ceiling into the Great Hall at Hogwarts by showering it with stars, it comes in a nice box that would make an excellent gift and has two projection discs included, northern hemisphere and northern hemisphere with the constellations marked out.

Salter Cactus Digital Kitchen Scale

I didn’t realise quite the importance of kitchen scales were until a friend and I tried to make cookies without a set, how hard can it be right? Well the results were in fact incredibly hard, these cookies could cut glass, so to prevent emergency dentist trips its it best to invest in some reliable scales. Salter have been the UK’s number one brand for a long time when it comes to weighing scales, with just shy of 260 years’ experience you know you will be in safe hands with a set of their scales.

Roku Express

It didn’t seem that long ago that there were only four channels on the TV to choose from, you only got to watch whatever was on at the time, adverts and all, and at the end of the night you only had Teletext and Ceefax for entertainment, these days there are so many ways to watch TV and Films, it seems there is an infinite amount of entertainment just a buttons press away. To get you started the Roku Express is a low-cost place to start your streaming experience or simply use it for a secondary TV, in the box you get the Roku Express streaming player, remo