Forcefield Sport Suit

Forcefield Body Armour specialises in impact protection clothing systems for motorcycle riders, it has continued to grow since it was first launched in 2003. Forcefield focus on creating protective apparel that is as functional is it comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the ride with the peace of mind that if the worse should happen, Forcefield has got your back.

Wat Medical EmeTerm Antiemetic

I was probably about twelve before my parents trusted me to sit in the back of a car without an emergency bucket and blanket on the back seat, my travel sickness was hideous, every holiday, day out, and trip to the shop was at risk of being spoiled with the cries of “QUICK, PULL OVER”. As an adult I seem to have more of a handle on things, but put me in the back of a bus or look at my phone for more than 30 seconds whilst sat in the car and that creeping feeling on my skin and lurching sensation in my stomach soon raises its head (on my lunch).

dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve

Last October I ran a 10K steeplechase obstacle course. As well as hopping horse jumps we also had to leap over/fall in ditches and run though plenty of streams - as if this didn’t leave us wet and cold enough, it rained the entire time apart from when it was hailing instead. It was easily the coldest and wettest I have ever been and that includes the time I ran into the Firth of Forth in Scotland on New Year’s Day.

Dodow Sleep Aid

When it comes to going to sleep there seem to be two camps that people fall into: those who fall asleep the moment their head touches the pillow and those who stare at the ceiling willing themselves to drop off whilst their mind plays over all the ridiculous things they have done over their entire life. Not only is the Dodow Sleep Aid here to give you something other than the Artex to contemplate at night but it can also help you nod off by using breathing exercises to wind the body down, ready for sleep.

District Vision Nagata Running Glasses

Tom Daly (not the guy in Speedos who flings himself off diving boards) and Max Vallot created District Vision in 2015 after a series of life-changing events caused them to discover running and meditation, not necessarily two things you would assume have a lot in common. However, when you consider both practices involve focusing on your breath and body, being fully present in the moment and usually leave you feeling energised and clear headed (only one should leave you covered in sweat and with shin splints).

Catit Smartsift and Litter Mat

When you think of owning a cat you might conjure up images of them playfully chasing string or purring away happily on your lap; what you probably don’t think about is being arm deep in a litter box shovelling out the poop with a special little poo scoop. Even if your cats go outside you aren’t necessarily free from this stinking burden, ours like to pop in throughout the day to use their litter trays (cheers boys).

Benq GV1 Portable Projector

When unpacking the Benq GV1 portable projector you would be forgiven for thinking it was a portable speaker, it has a similar design with its wrap-around speaker grill, however its lens and tilting head are a giveaway as to its real function. This compact little projector measures up at 80mm x 155mm x 80mm, weighs just 708g and comes with a remote (essential for controlling the projector) and carry bag.

Ben Sayers XF Laser Rangefinder

Ben Sayers was formed way back in 1873, that’s the same year our dear old Queen Lizzy’s Great-Great-Grandmother, Queen Victoria, was on the throne, so it is easy to believe that this is amongst the oldest golf companies in the world. The Ben Sayers brand created many revolutionary pieces of golf equipment, including the gutta-percha golf balls and the ‘Benny’ putter, the first putter to have a square-edged grip, and then, years later the first set of carbon-shafted irons and the first oversized driver, and now the XF Laser RangeFinder.

Alpinestars Supertech R Boot

The Supertech R Boot is Alpinestars’s iconic riding boot, worn by champions both past and present, available in men's EURO sizes 42 – 46 and come in seven designs based around a combination of black, white, red, yellow and grey colour scheme. These boots use a durable and technical microfibre upper construction offering good levels of flexibility for a comfortable and natural movement, the microfibre main shell is water resistant and reduces the overall weight.