Catit Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo

When we brought our sweet little kittens home, we provided them with a little kitten litter box to do their little kitten business in. We had read that by putting the boxes by the cat flap, you can slowly teach them to go to the loo outside. Six years later and my cats will run indoors to use the litter tray and go straight back outside again, so that was a massive fail. So, knowing that we will be using litter boxes for the foreseeable future, we were more than happy to try out the Magic Blue Litter Box Jumbo from Catit.

Bresser Science ETD-201 8-50X Trino Zoom Stereo and Accessories

The Bresser Science ETD-201 is a stereo reflected light and transmitted light microscope. It can be used for medical applications as well as agriculture and forestry, criminology, academic, mechanics and electronic engineering, sciences and schools. This microscope has an extra-wide foot and stage, with a tall height range to better view large objects.

Bont Cycling Helix

The Helix from Bont Cycling comes in six different styles: Conflict, Metallic Blue, White/Black, Gold/Black, Black/White, Charcoal/Shiny Red/White, and comes in sizes 4-14 with half sizes available throughout the range. These shoes are the go-to standard that Bont Cycling has to offer, boasting a race-proven anatomic fit and have a newly reimagined closure system, with loads of thought-out features to get through, let’s saddle up and get started.

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

When you first decide to take the step from bitter garbage coffee (I think the supermarkets call it ‘instant’) into the world of fresh delicious coffee, it can be difficult to know which of the vast quantity of coffee-related gadgets you might need or which style of coffee preparation will become your method of choice. The first step is to get yourself a coffee grinder - unless you fancy doing it by hand, this will be a necessary starting point for every cup of coffee you’re going to make in your new, ‘proper coffee’ life.

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Collection

This is completely the wrong product for someone like me. In the six years that I’ve owned my tatty little Vauxhall Corsa, I have cleaned it precisely two times - once when it was broken into and I had to hoover up the broken glass, and the other for a wedding because my mum told me too (it broke down on the way and I’m convinced it was the dirt that was holding it together). However, my husband has a nice car that is whiter than the teeth of any Love Island contestant, and he likes to take care of it.

Alpinestars Air Plus V2 Gore-Tex XCR Boot

This road boot comes in a straightforward black design in European sizes 36-50. it is both waterproof and breathable, thanks to the Gore-Tex XCR membrane that is layered under a ventilated mesh outer body that ensure your feet stay dry in all weather conditions. Constructed from an original ergonomic design that follows the natural shape of the foot for streamlining and a comfortable fit, the main body has an air mesh construction which is layered with breathable materials for high levels of ventilation and is over-injected with soft PU reinforcements.