PonyCycle Ride On Unicorn

For all of you who said they would never be able to successfully combine a horse with a bicycle, be prepared to feel very silly indeed. For the rest of you who think normal thoughts with your brain, let me introduce you to the PonyCycle. Children and their slow growing limbs have to wait until the ripe old age of seven before most instructors will throw them into the saddle, so this might make a suitable substitute until then, after all it looks incredibly realistic - well no that’s a lie - but it is super cute and fuzzy.


Many people seem partial to a mince pie or seventeen, which goes some way to explaining why (it’s predicted) Brits will pile on a massive 20 millionstone (more than a lb each) between December 25 and January 1 this year. And yet, there are also lots of people who wish they could eat what they want but not begin January far heavier than they began December. Cue MODIUS... a NEW health-tech wearable weight loss device here to STOP the natio piling on the pounds this Christmas and then having to loosen their work belts a notch (or three) in January.



The VOOPOO Drag 2 Kit is a rather attractive vape which comes in two parts, the Drag 2 box mod and the brand new Uforce T2 tank, designed to precisely fit your hands with rounded corners and edges - it has an OLED screen that displays the battery level, mode, resistance/voltage, and wattage. This vape has a 32 bit US GENE.FIT Chip, powered by dual 18650 batteries you can choose from 157W to 177W.

TreePod Cabana

TreePod is the brainchild of Colorado company, Hanging Habitats, who love nothing more than literally hanging out! This KickStarter project had its success in 2015 with a pop-up tree house aimed at children however, this latest creation is aimed at adults with a hammock/tent/chair combination that lets you chill out whilst suspended off the ground.

Tower Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker with Nut Dispenser

You would be hard pushed to find anything more deliciously comforting than a slice of freshly made bread, even the smell of it baking in your home is like one big aromatic hug, however the time and physical effort it takes to produce a decent loaf can be very off putting (those guys on bake off make it look easy). Thankfully the food gods answered our prayers by creating the bread maker.

TiGr Mini Plus U-lock and Mounting Clip

TiGr was born via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011 when Bob, John, and Jim Loughlin set out to create a bicycle lock that is light, straightforward to use, easy to store and provides good security, while also looking great. All TiGr locks are very secure and have been certified to meet rigorous European bicycle security standards, the TiGr Mini Plus can be used to secure to the frame and wheel to a bike rack, however it is important to point out that this will offer medium security protection, this means its suitable in most situations but you pro