Gamevice for iPhone

From the moment Snake was released, it was clear that gaming on mobile phones was going to be massive. With their high-quality visuals and seamlessly fast processors, the leading smartphones are easily the most powerful pocket gaming devices out there. The major drawback, however, is playing on a touch screen. I got seriously addicted to Rayman last year and downloaded it onto my phone, but it was so frustrating to play that I ended up deleting it. This is where the Gamevice comes to the rescue.

Faction Darwin

The Darwin Ski Jacket produced by Faction is a durable, technical outer shell that will protect you even on the harshest of slopes. It features a 20,000mm/20,000gm Toray Dermizax three-layer fabric, Stunner Stretch material technology, sealed seams and a helmet-compatible hood, to name a few. Available in four colours - Colbalt Blue, Field Green, Rosso Red and Russet Brown - and in sizes S-XL, we received the Field Green variety to look in to in more detail.

Black Arts Toneworks Fnord

Toneworks are an American-based company that makes guitar pedals with cool names like Destroyer, Crown of Horns and Witch Burner, featuring awesome and sometimes scary graphics to add to the rock and roll feel.

The Fnord pedal is an octave/fuzz type circuit with some twists thrown in. It blends a scrambler and octave type fuzz with a traditional fuzz/distortion. The Fnord will move from zip/Velcro style tones all the way to a full-throated distortion or a combination of the two.

Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 260 Notebook Stand

With our small electronic devices becoming more powerful, we can find ourselves spending long hours hunched over a tablet or small netbook and this position can wreak havoc with you posture and cause pain in the neck and shoulders. The Ergo-Q 260 Notebook stand has been designed to significantly improves the sitting posture, reducing neck strain by 32% and improving comfort by 21% (Lindblad, 2002).


Becoming parents to a new-born baby has plenty of stressful moments, but throw in colic on top of an attention-seeking toddler and you have the recipe for a nightmare. Kerry Nevins, mother and childminder, came up with a brilliant solution to settling even the most worked up little ones whilst allowing you to keep your hands free for other things – the Babocush new born comfort cushion.


Arizer Solo II

The Solo II comes with everything you need to get you started: Mirco-Heater, charger, two different length aroma tubes, glass aroma dish, belt clip carry case, two silicone stem caps, stainless steel stirring tool, four stainless steel filter screens and a packet of lavender botanicals. Available in either Carbon Black or Mystic Blue, the Solo II is well made - with a heavy durable body and high-quality mouth piece, it is an impressive bit of kit.