PMD Kiss

Whether you love it or hate it, big lips are on trend now. It is difficult to tell the difference between the Geordie Shore cast and ducks in my local park, although the fighting, sex and swearing is a bit of a giveaway (those ducks are filthy). Naturally, a whole heap of products and procedures have followed suit to provide you with plumped up, kissable lips; sadly, some of these involve painful and expensive lip injections, but thankfully there is a natural and cheaper why to give you lips some extra volume.


Osprey Talon 33

The Talon 33 is a versatile backpack designed specifically for mountain hiking and long days outdoors, but can be used for anything from the work commute to popping to the shops. It is available in four colours - Black, Ultramarine Blue, Spring Green and Martian Red - and features the new AirScape accordion foam back panel and a seamless lumbar-to-hipbelt body wrap to allow for as much air flow to the back as possible, whilst at the same time keeping the pack close to the body and spreading the weight evenly around the hips.

Microplane Master Series

Microplane tools moved their way from the workshop to the kitchen in 1994, after a Canadian woman who was attempting to make an orange cake found her grater simply wasn’t working on the fruit, and grabbed a woodworking tool instead. The blade slid effortlessly across the orange and provided her with the zest she needed, and this discovery laid the foundation for the creation of the Microplane kitchen graters.

Loc8tor Lite

I have a bit of a reputation amongst my friends for being hopelessly forgetful. As well as forever leaving my stuff at people’s home, forgetting to bring my wallet, phone, keys or all the above, I am also very talented at losing items immediately after placing them down. It’s like the sideboards and tables in my life simply swallows up my stuff.

Joby GripTight ONE Gorilla Pod and Impulse Remote

Love it or hate it, we live in a world where having a good time is only as important as taking the perfect photo to show your friends and followers that you are having a good. Getting that delicate balance of candid yet vogue-worthy shot of you drinking your morning coffee isn’t always easy when trying to reach your arm out as far as you can whilst maintaining a relaxed expression. The GripTight ONE Gorilla Pod and Impulse Remote from Joby is a compact set a of tools to make light work of taking a photo from your smart phone from any angle.

Goal Zero Yeti 150

It is all well and good escaping to the countryside every now and then to recharge our batteries, but it’s a fact of modern life that most of the things we have become so reliant on need more than just some burnt sausages and warm beer to keep their batteries charged. If you want to share photos of your sun burn on social media or continue to annoy your friends by playing the same album over and over on your portable speaker, you will need something to fill your devices with juice.

Geko PanicSafe

With both my partner and I learning to drive later in life, we are familiar with that horrible feeling of seeing someone you adore drive off…after stalling twice and putting window wipers on…and the shear panic of wondering whether they will make it to their destination in one piece. I only wish I had the Geko PanicSafe then. This clever little device is a combination of GPS tracking, a built-in G-sensor and Bluetooth technology that helps you keep in contact with loved ones by instantly alerting you when they or their car is in need.

Fizzics Waytap

In this hot weather, it is difficult to beat a nice cold beer with friends, but if you are anything like my group of mates this often results in a discussion/argument over the best way to serve a beer. Most people will agree that a beer poured from the tap in a pub is the ultimate in taste and condition; the downside to this is having to pay the ever-increasing prices and sharing your relaxing time with a bunch of alcoholic locals that immediately make you reconsider ever putting a beer to your lips again.

Drift Innovation Compass

The Drift Innovation Compass is essentially a wearable camera (not what you would guess from the name). It was designed with the idea that it will allow you to capture every moment without having to stop and, you know, appreciate it (welcome to modern life). The camera is reasonably compact at 43 x 43 x 13.8mm and weighs just 34g. It features 8MP and records in 1080p, has 50-6400 ISO, a CMOS sensor and comes with 2GB built-in storage, but is also compatible with Micro SD cards up to 32GB and comes with 10GB free cloud storage.