Zippo Hip Flask

With all those over-priced office parties just around the corner what could be a more thoughtful gift than a way for sneaking booze in to a venue! This Zippo Hip flask is wrapped in leather with a debossed Zippo logo. This stainless steel 6-ounce flask has a secured lid and a slim, slightly curved shape for comfortable (and discrete) carrying. Comes packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. RRP £15.90

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Zippo Windproof Lighter

The iconic Zippo lighter is as practical as it is beautiful, and with a highly polished, Ace of Spades design it might even bring you luck in a card game. It comes with a lifetime guarantee that states "It works or we fix it free", and features the distinctive Zippo "click". It has an all metal construction and windproof design that works virtually anywhere. It is refillable, plus the flint and wick are replaceable for a lifetime of use. RRP £35.65

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Super Nintendo Classic Mini

Yes! 16-bit gaming is back. Go back in time by playing Nintendo classics like Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System features the original design and even feels like the ‘90s home console but in a cute mini form (so your partner can’t even complain about another console cluttering up the place). It comes with fully loaded with 21 games, two wired retro Super NES controllers and a new Rewind feature that lets you rewind up to five minutes of gameplay from your last save, and each game can save up to four suspend points.


To adults this might be the stuff of nightmares, but to some children this is the ultimate toy. This life like doll, Luvabella interacts with accessories, such as the spoon, bottle, soother and Lamby toy, and your child can feed it, burp it, play with and soothe their Luvabella. The doll has expressive face movements, the more you play with it the more it’s babbling will transform into over 100 clear words and phrases. Don’t forget to get 4 x C batteries so Luvabella can be brought to life Christmas day. RRP £99.99


Pie Face Sky High

Just when you thought your face and carpets were safe, Pie Face has brought out another game. The Sky High game gets the players to test their strength, similar to the old style fair ground game. With a tower over 3 feet tall, one player looks through the mask and the other player hits the base plate with the plastic hammer hard enough to smack their opponent in the face with cream. The game has adjustable difficulty setting, making it fun for young players and adults.

L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

This massive version of the L.O.L Surprise! has 50, never before seen surprises inside with exclusive dolls and accessories. For those not in the know, a L.O.L Surprise! is a lucky dip style toy in which you never know what you are going to get. This mega bundle comes in a 32cm size half sphere, which can then be used to store their collection and is suitable for ages 6+. Surprises include two standard L.O.L Dolls, two Little Sisters and accessories, bath products and charms. RRP £59.99

Hatchimals Colleggtibles 4 Pack + Bonus Character

If you weren’t living under a rock last year you may remember the Hatchimal obsession that drove parents insane trying to get these little buggers so their little darlings wouldn’t be disappointed on Christmas day. This year the Hatchimal Colleggtible have arrived with over 70 to collect, these mini versions (thankfully much cheaper too), come in small speckled eggs that are hatched in your hand to reveal a mystery creature within. Suitable for ages five and older. RRP £9.99

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