Point Two ProAir2/MC Lite

Whether you are out on a motorbike or a horse, chances are that if you come off it, even at low speeds, you are going to do yourself some real damage. So, no, safety clothing isn’t a very cool look - I mean, you never see cowboys or Hell’s Angels dressed head to toe in PPE, but it’s so important to dress appropriately when riding, and when that clothing could potentially save your life, style is not important.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag 15”

Peak Design was founded in 2010 after Peter Dering from Minnesota realised what a hassle it is to travel with a DSLR, and through support from a team of adventurers, urban commuters, designers and of course photographers (and a massive Kickstarter campaign), the company was born. We will be looking at Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger Bag, which is packed full of useful features to make travelling with a camera an easier experience

Palm Glide Personal Floatation Device

Health and safety doesn’t have a particularly cool reputation, especially when it comes to sports, but there is a reason safety devices exist, and one day they could get you out of some deadly situations. The Palm Glide is a compact waist belt PFD (personal floatation device) that conceals a 100 N floatation bladder which instantly inflates at a pull of the cord. It is designed with stand-up paddle boarding in mind, but is also suitable for kayaking, body boarding or any sport where extra precautions are a good idea.

Palm Atom Bib Salopettes

These premium salopettes are designed for big days out‚ made from breathable XP three-layer fabric with tough four-layer 320D reinforced wear panels. The XP three-layer is flexible, tough, highly waterproof and breathable, constructed from supplex nylon six woven face fabric with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment that prevents the fabric from becoming waterlogged. The pores in the DWR material are too small to allow water droplets to pass through, but large enough to allow water vapour to escape, helping to regulate body temperature.

Lara Designs Harley Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder

Lara Designs was founded in 1986 by industrial designer Louis A. Lara, with a dream of bringing products of his own design to market, as well as curated pieces from other design colleagues. All his products’ designs reflect his unique aesthetic and attention to detail, and the Harley Pepper Mill & Spice Grinder is no different.

KitchenAid Artisan 1.5L Kettle

The KitchenAid Artisan range is quite a beauty to behold; these bold statement kitchen pieces will look stunning on any worktop. We received the 1.5L Kettle in Empire Red, but it is also available in seven other colours: Frosted Pearl, Almond Cream, Onxy Black, Candy Apple, Raspberry Ice, Medallion Silver and Cast Iron Black.

Kegel8 For Men

You might be forgiven for thinking that a strong pelvic floor is only something women need to focus on after having a baby, but in fact it is equally important for men to keep the muscles strong - especially in later years. A strong pelvic floor can help to control bladder and bowel functions, as well as playing an important role in sexual function, by preventing and treating pelvic pain and lack of sensation.

iSmartAlarm Home Security System Essential Pack

iSmartAlarm provide a flexible, expandable and complete DIY-smart home security system that doesn’t require contracts or monthly fees, and can be customised to suit your home and needs.

iSmartAlarm has lots of packages to choose from, but we will be looking at the essential pack. This pack comes with a Spot Camera, a CubeOne, a Contact Sensor, a Motion Sensor and Remote tag, ideal for setting up in small homes.

Hummingbird Heron Rain Tarp and Guyline Kit

Never let rain spoil your fun outdoors again with the Heron Rain Tarp. This 8.6oz (243g) Silpoly hexagonal rain tarp is ultralight and won’t weigh down your pack. Traditional lightweight tarps are often made from 1.1oz Silnylon that can stretch out when wet, but Hummingbird’s Rain Tarp is made from a newly developed 0.9oz Silpoly which provides a full coverage that doesn’t mist through or stretch.