Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 260 Notebook Stand

With our small electronic devices becoming more powerful, we can find ourselves spending long hours hunched over a tablet or small netbook and this position can wreak havoc with you posture and cause pain in the neck and shoulders. The Ergo-Q 260 Notebook stand has been designed to significantly improves the sitting posture, reducing neck strain by 32% and improving comfort by 21% (Lindblad, 2002).


Becoming parents to a new-born baby has plenty of stressful moments, but throw in colic on top of an attention-seeking toddler and you have the recipe for a nightmare. Kerry Nevins, mother and childminder, came up with a brilliant solution to settling even the most worked up little ones whilst allowing you to keep your hands free for other things – the Babocush new born comfort cushion.


Arizer Solo II

The Solo II comes with everything you need to get you started: Mirco-Heater, charger, two different length aroma tubes, glass aroma dish, belt clip carry case, two silicone stem caps, stainless steel stirring tool, four stainless steel filter screens and a packet of lavender botanicals. Available in either Carbon Black or Mystic Blue, the Solo II is well made - with a heavy durable body and high-quality mouth piece, it is an impressive bit of kit.

Tool Box BBQ

When you thought the combination of meat and fire couldn’t get any more masculine, SuckUK have upped the game by creating a BBQ ‘tool box’ that brings tools and fire together at last. The only way this tool box could be more blokey is if it was powered by lager and talked about last night’s big game whilst you cooked.

Think Tank Signature 13 Shoulder Bag

Think Tank have taken one of their practical camera bags, redesigned it and created something functional AND beautiful, available in either ‘Dusty Green’ or ‘Slate Blue’. The most noticeable thing about the Signature series is that the bags are real beauties. It is difficult to keep your hands off this the Signature 13 Shoulder Bag, as the 240D wool-like, 195G nylon/poly blend is so soft and tactile.

Think Tank Airport TakeOff V2.0

The Airport TakeOff V2.0 aims to be a suitcase that has everything at once - no matter where or how you are travelling, you can roll it, carry it by the handles or pop out the concealed shoulder straps and wear it as a back pack. It is designed and sized to meet the needs of a traveling professional, and is compliant with most domestic and international airline carry-on requirements.

Rapha Wool Wind Jacket

The Wool Wind Jacket has been designed to be a high performing jacket that disguises itself as a regular piece of your wardrobe. It is constructed from 98% worsted wool and 2% Polyester, a strong and durable fabric that has a lightweight synthetic panel concealed in the front lining to protect your core from the wind and keep you warm in nasty head winds. A mesh lining is also concealed in the back to assist temperature regulation.