Warbonnet Blackbird 1.7 XLC plus Winter Topcover and Superfly

The Blackbird XLC is the big brother version of the Blackbird. It features a choice of suspension, built-in bug netting and a shelf/footbox, just like its counterpart, but with the addition of about 12″ extra space in length.

Its body is roughly 132″x 63″ with an overall length of 111″, which provides you with about 11 inches of tarp overlap at each end of the hammock when using an 11-foot tarp. All this extra space means the XLC is suitable for a user up to height of 7’0″.


The TYME Iron is a hair styling tool that allows you to either curl or straighten your hair by changing the position or the rotation of the irons. The heated plates are gold-plated titanium and look beautiful -  in fact, the entire iron is very attractive and appears high quality (even salon quality), but that where my praise for the TYME Iron will end.

Series 3 Sportube

The Series 3 by Sportube is their largest and most versatile case. The idea behind the product is that when you go on trips with family and friends, you can all consolidate your gear into the one Sportube. It was originally designed to hold two snowboards with boots and bindings, but it will hold three sets of skis or a snowboard and skis, spear fishing gear - all sorts, really!

Riut R25 backpack

Following on from our look at the R10, we are now going to look at its big brother: the R25 has all the same features as the R10, but on a larger scale. As the name suggests, it is a 25L bag. The only thing missing that the R10 has is the pen holders and little pockets down the inside of the main compartment - this has been replaced with two cool bottle holders on the outside, which are  the first water bottle pockets I have seen that sink into the bag rather than stick out.

Root7 Himalayan Salt Shots

Ever heard of the expression “As useful as a chocolate teapot”? We all know chocolate melts when it gets warm, sort of like how we all know salt dissolves in liquid, so imagine my surprise when I was handed some shot “glasses” to review that were made from salt! However, I was happy to test these out just for the excuse to drink tequila in the name of research (it’s a hard job at times...)