Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Washer

We have recently been shifting things about in our house, getting ready to move out in a few weeks, and it’s slightly horrifying to pick up a piece of furniture and discover that the carpet underneath is a completely different colour to the rest of the room. Although many of us hoover regularly that is often as far as we go when it comes to taking care of our carpets, the Vax Platinum Power Max Carpet Washer could be just the thing to give them a new lease of life.

Kokadi Flip Baby Carrier

Kokadi was founded in 2010 when Ceyda Temur failed to find a babywearing company that had the modern designs that she was looking for, the company now produces a wide range of both baby carriers and wraps in a variety of different patterns. The Flip is the original baby carrier from Kokadi and comes in a whopping 60 different patterns, ensuring there is something for everyone. The Flip has been created so that it can be worn on both the chest and back and features an easy to slip on design.

Alivecor KardiaMobile

It is important to take care of our hearts and for some people with health conditions it is vital. The KardiaMobile from Alivecor is the most clinicallyvalidated personal EKG in the world, that allows you to take EKG (electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG) quickly and accurately at any time in any place. This medical grade EKG is roughly the size of a credit card and connects via the Kardia App, you simply place your fingers on the electrodes and view results in just 30 seconds.

Hydro Flask 64 oz Growler and 16 oz True Pint

When my boss informed me I had a growler waiting for me on my desk, I had a lot of different images flash across my mind; a Hydro Flask not being one of them! It turns out the Hydro Flask Growler is a 64 oz bottle specifically designed to keep your beer cool and carbonated all day (an acceptable substitute for what I was expecting).

Hudway Glass

The number of times I manage to take a wrong turn when using sat nav in the car simply by taking it too early or missing it entirely is fairly impressive, the issue is that sat navs have been designed to be both an audio and visual guide, however my phone is nearly always in the glove box, and yes I could stick a mount to the windscreen but I find that blocks my view. The Hudway Glass aims to give you a HUD (head-up display) experience in a car without the feature built in, it works by reflecting your phone screen onto a transparent surface so you can see

Hidizs AP80

Ever since the birth of the iPhone people have sent their MP3 players to retire in the dresser drawer and turned to their phones as a primary place of storing music, however as phones get bigger and bigger, music files taking up so much space and poor audio quality means there is certainly still a place for MP3 players on the market. The Hidizs AP80 is a Hi-Res music player with Bluetooth connectivity in a durable compact design, the Ess flagship ES9218P DAC chip delivers an SNR of up to 126dB and THD+N down to -113dB to capture fine details within the mus

Hennessy Hammock 4Season Explorer XL with Snakeskins XXL

The 4Season Explorer XL hammock comes with attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes, and compression sack with set-up instructions on the back, the standard 42" (107cm) long "Tree Hugger" webbing straps are created to protect the bark of the trees you use as a home for that night. This kit also comes with an oversized 36" (91cm) wide open-cell foam pad, a heat-reflecting space blanket and, in this instance, the Snakeskin XXL (not included as standard).

GrillEye PRO Plus

The summer is here, it is time to get the BBQs out and because giving your friends and family food poisoning is frowned upon the GrillEye PRO Plus is also here to be your sous chef. This handy gadget is a grilling and smoking thermometer that features hybrid-wireless connectivity. The kit comes with the GrillEye PRO Plus Smart Grilling and Smoking Device, two GrillEye Meat and Ambient Temperature Probes, two clips for ambient temperature readings, a quick user manual and GrillEye PRO Plus USB mini cable for charging.

Fnatic Gear Flick 2

The Flick 2 from Fnatic has been crafted to be a a lightweight professional-grade e-sports mouse, suitable for every gamer, produced with a grip type and shape favouring gamers who like a more symmetrical feel. Along with this shape it also features a best-in-class sensor, strong and tactile build quality and software, that provide you with the precision and control you need to excel in your game.

Fellowes AutoMax 100M Mini-Cut Shredder

Everyone is out to steal your identity according to my mother; she had a panic when her fitness tracker asked her to submit her date of birth and you should have seen her face when it asked for her weight. However, there are times when it is essential and sometimes lawful that information is kept private. The Fellowes AutoMax 100M Mini-Cut Shredder is a business-grade shredder that features a 100-sheet auto feed and has 10-sheet manual feed shredding capacity (70gsm paper).