HoMedics Gel Shiatsu Massage Pillow

There are so many elements of modern life that can leave you in need of a good massage, whether its being hunched over a keyboard all day, pushing for gains in the gym, lifting junior and the crap they come with 100 times a day, we have even heard rumours that there are people out there who do something called manual labour?! There are plenty of people out there willing to charge you a small fortune to beat you muscles into a gooey mess, but this isn’t always affordable, and a letting stranger man handle your flesh isn’t everyone’s idea of relaxing.

HAIX Black Eagle Safety 50 High

Taking safety to the next level is the Black Eagle Safety 50 High boot from HAIX, they sneak a little further up the leg than regular boots to add further protections to the lower leg, the upper material is a 1.8–2.0mm thick waterproof, hydrophobic and breathable leather construction, with a GORETEX lining for further protection against the elements. The lining is also abrasion resistant and has optimised Climate comfort for intense activity levels and working in and outdoors, it allows moisture and heat to escape whilst ensuring nothing but cooling air ge

Gtech AirRam MK2 and Multi MK2

This little bundle provides you with both the AirRam 2 and Multi Handheld vacuum, starting with the upright Gtech, which claims to be their best cordless upright vacuum cleaner. Designed to glide effortlessly from carpets to hard-floors without the need to change the settings without tethering you to the wall, simply grab the AirRam and go.

Jabra Engage 75 Convertible

The Engage 75 Convertible from Jabra is a wireless headset designed for office use, it has been engineered to give more power to your conversations and has industry-leading wireless performance and density. It uses an advanced noise-cancelling microphone for clear audio and reduced distractions letting your focus solely on the person on the other end of the phone, the lightweight headset weighs in at just 18g for all day comfortable wear.

DEWALT ® DCK623P3-GB 18v 3x5.0Ah Brushless Compact 6Pc Kit

This serious six piece kit could be an ideal beginners kit or complete upgrade for an established tradesman. It comes with the DCG405 18V XR 125mm Small Angle Grinder, DCS367 18V XR Compact Reciprocating Saw, DCS570 18V XR 184mm Circular Saw, DCF887 18V XR 3-Speed Impact Driver, DCD796 18V XR Compact Hammer Drill Driver, DCL050 18V XR Handheld LED Area Light, two 1-70-322 Toughsystem DS300, three DCB184 18V XR 5.0Ah Batteries and the DCB115 XR Multi-Voltage Charger.

DeLonghi Avvolta Kettle

A kettle might not seem like an important gadget in your house, but this unsung hero is quite often the first appliance you use in the morning, it can play a part when preparing meals and always gets switched on when guests come to call. Efficiency doesn’t have to mean dull and the Avvolta is anything but dull, it comes in three colours - Red, Black, White - and has transparent and opaque alternating resin rings that wrap around the outer body and produce a unique, quirky look (matching toasters available).

Datacolor SpyderCHECKR

The SpyderCHECKR from Datacolor is a clever image colour correction tool, suitable for both home and design photography. Featuring 48 spectrally engineered colour patches including the standard 24 sRGB colour space plus additional colours for precise skin tone, medium saturation colour, near-white tints and black tones, for a more versatile range. The skin tone samples make it ideal for working with portrait or fashion photography it lets photographers colour calibrate their cameras, perform in-camera white balance and record known-colour samples.

Dainese All Weather Activity Gloves

Last winter we had the best/worst weather depending on who you ask, at the first sight of snow me and the hubster got decked out in our best winter gear and headed out to play! Sadly, after a good solid hour of snow ball fights and snow man construction, my hands were soaking and freezing, turns out my snowboarding gloves only had a life span of 15 years (nothing’s built to last these days).

Bresser Messier AR-90/900 EXOS1/EQ4 Telescope

With the nights pulling in we will be spending more time with the night sky, but with our busy lives we rarely take the time to look up and appreciate the beauty that’s stretched out above our heads. The Bresser Messier AR-90/900 EXOS1/EQ4 Telescope features a high quality achromatic lens and 90mm aperture allows for 200 times more light to hit your eye, letting you see the stars like never before.

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

As a keen, but slow runner, I prefer to hit the road with some music in my ears to motivate me and keep my pace up. The issue however, is that the area I live in has some very busy roads and some rather questionable characters, so not being able to hear the traffic and weirdos makes jogging (especially at night) a risky business.