Oblumi Tapp

The Oblumi Tapp is a digital infrared thermometer with a range of capabilities that works alongside the Oblumi Tapp App. This small thermometer works with your smartphone by connecting through your headphone jack. Using the Tapp only takes a few seconds - you can choose between placing the thermometer on the forehead or removing the silicone cap and placing it just inside the ear, and it comes with a protective hard case and a couple of anti-bacterial wipes to get you started.

Crewsaver Crewfit 180N Pro

When it comes to lifejackets , Crewsaver’s main objective is to make sure they can get as many people to wear them as possible. This isn’t by scaring people with horror stories, but by ensuring the life jacket is unobtrusive and unrestrictive enough that it will become second nature to throw it on and forget about it. After all, a lifejacket is only going to work if you’re wearing it! Thehe Crewfit 180N Pro is the first of its kind,  and provides safe, stylish, comfortable and affordable safety to the everyday recreational boater.

Buggypod Lite

When you are expecting a baby, there is an entire house full of stuff you will need to get. One of those big-ticket items is the pushchair, and chances are you will take your time researching the best pushchair to make sure you have the Rolls Royce of prams. Everything is great until two to three years later and along comes baby number two: do you upgrade to a two-seater at more expense when you know your toddler won’t use it all the time, or give in to carrying one or the other?

Bont Cycling Vaypor+

The Vaypor+ from Bont tries to combine luxury with strength when designing this technical cycling shoe, featuring the strength of a kangaroo leather upper, soft cow hide internal lining and Bont Cycling’s carbon technology to ensure the highest strength-to-weight ratio and lowest stack height. This shoe is available in white, black, blue, green, brown and orange, and in standard, wide, narrow and Asian fit as well as a Full Custom option.

Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer

The Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer has been created to optimise your clubhead speed and tempo time. Endorsed by Jim McLean, this device provides you with feedback on your clubhead speed in relation to ball distance, whilst feedback on your tempo time indicates how consistent and repeatable your swing is, giving you a clearer idea of your performance and consistency. You can measure either reading alone or combine the two.

Sweetdreamers ewan the Dream Sheep

ewan (yes, he has a name) is not just a cute soft toy - he is also a clever sleep aid that plays soothing sounds to help lull restless babies and toddlers to sleep. Unlike the traditional mobiles that play lullabies, ewan uses sounds and light to replicate the experience a baby would have in the womb, making for an easier transition from womb to world.

Spurcycle Bell

Ok, so maybe a big chunky bell could ruin the overall look of your vintage fixed-gear bike with antique leather saddle and ironic basket, but when you are cycling to your favourite independent, responsibly sourced, dairy-free coffee shop you need something to make the plebeians move out of the way. Fear not- Spurcycle have designed possibly one of the most attractive bicycle bells to compliment you hipster bike (side note: this bell will also work on non-hipster bikes).

Rapha Flyweight Bib Shorts

The Flyweight Bib Shorts have been specifically designed for cycling and training in hot and humid conditions. With an 80% polyester and 20% elastane combination fabric, they are light and breathable, featuring a thin mesh upper section with a cut away at the front to keep you cool. The material offers a soft four-way stretch to allow for maximum movement, and they have been treated with Coldblack, which reduces the build-up of heat by reducing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the fabric.