Teenage Engineering OP-Z

The OP–Z by Teenage Engineering is a fully portable 16-track sequencer and synthesizer that allows you to sequence on the move – not only music, but lights and visuals as well. This synthesizer is packed full of functions into a small, easily portable and well-designed device. It has a retro look that is playful and slightly sci-fi, with four colour-coded dials that allow you to control pretty much everything and an LED interface that provides feedback as you mix.

Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ Audio Controlled Synth

The Squaver P1+ from Sonicsmith is a semi-modular, audio-controlled analog synth pedal, this single-oscillator, three-voice monophonic audio-controlled synth (ACS) is the closest you can get between the performer’s instrument/voice to analog synth sound. This “+” version expands on the former Squaver P1 by giving it a variable gate, wider sweep PWM and a smoother ENV, it expresses the instrumentalists’ performance to an analog synthesizer according to its frequency, amplitude and articulation.

Livid Guitar Wing

This is such an innovative idea and we haven’t seen anything like it on the market before so I was excited to have a play. I will admit I am not keen on the appearance of the Guitar Wing, when its attached to my Gibson it makes me cringe slightly and I can’t help but compare it to the Guitar hero toy guitars, but this is purely down to personal vanity. So what is it?

Guitar Pick Holder

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas, the Personalised Guitar Pick Holder is a sweet leather wallet for your plectrums to live in. I tend to throw my picks in the case or put them in my pocket (never to be seen again in most cases) but this little holder comes with a stainless steel keyring that is now attached to my guitar case zipper but could also be attached to your keys or belt, wherever is most convenient.

EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

Fuzz is that dirty thick growl a guitar will make that most people would associate with rock and roll, it gives the impression of a broken amp and is created by using pedals like the Terminal Fuzz. The Terminal Fuzz is based on the legendary Shin Ei Companion FY-2 fuzz from the 70’s but offers more control with dials to regulate the output volume level, treble to reduce or add bite, the voice dial controlling the upper and lower midrange and most important of all, fuzz control.