Livid Guitar Wing

This is such an innovative idea and we haven’t seen anything like it on the market before so I was excited to have a play. I will admit I am not keen on the appearance of the Guitar Wing, when its attached to my Gibson it makes me cringe slightly and I can’t help but compare it to the Guitar hero toy guitars, but this is purely down to personal vanity. So what is it?

Guitar Pick Holder

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas, the Personalised Guitar Pick Holder is a sweet leather wallet for your plectrums to live in. I tend to throw my picks in the case or put them in my pocket (never to be seen again in most cases) but this little holder comes with a stainless steel keyring that is now attached to my guitar case zipper but could also be attached to your keys or belt, wherever is most convenient.

EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

Fuzz is that dirty thick growl a guitar will make that most people would associate with rock and roll, it gives the impression of a broken amp and is created by using pedals like the Terminal Fuzz. The Terminal Fuzz is based on the legendary Shin Ei Companion FY-2 fuzz from the 70’s but offers more control with dials to regulate the output volume level, treble to reduce or add bite, the voice dial controlling the upper and lower midrange and most important of all, fuzz control.

Cheap Monday x Teenage Engineering PO-28 Robot

Teenage Engineering has recently expanded its range of tiny Pocket Operator Synths with Cheap Monday bringing out three new models the Arcade, Office and Robot, expanding on the three models they launched last year.  They have worked in collaboration here with clothing brand Cheap Monday with regards to the design and like last year’s models they are all battery powered and have an RRP of £49.

Keith McMillen K Board

I have been keen to review the K Board from Keith McMillen Instruments for quite some time as an owner and fan of their previous keyboard the QuNexus. When I received the K Board I did think I had been sent the QuNexus again as the display looks very similar being the same size and with the same layout but upon closer inspection I could see the control buttons on the left hand side had different functions labelled.  For those who have never used either a QuNexus or a K Board the device is designed to be portable with dimensions 325mm(L) x 84mm(W) x 11mm(D)

Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo

There is a lot to be said for simplicity and that is what makes the Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo a great little pedal, the is a Pentavocal Tremolo pedal is tremolo with 5 different “voices” to play with, you can choose the frequency response by turning the rotary selector to the desired setting. You start with delicate shimmering tones all the way through to deep pulses that make your insides throb.

Mooer Firefly M6 Flight Case

Mooer specialise in creating small but mighty effects pedals for your guitar and it only makes sense that they would also produce a strong case to protect them whilst on the road, enter the Firefly M6. The Firefly M6 is Mooer’s second generation flight case, although they have reduced the size by 30% to 6.7 x 21.5 x 3.9 inches they have increased the capacity to 6 mini pedals, accommodating the Mooer newly released wah pedal ‘The Wahter’ as well as the Micro Series Pedals.

Skoog 2.0

With a name like Skoog this product could be absolutely anything and to be honest once I had taken it out of the box it still had me baffled however with the tag line, “music for everyone”, I was really intrigued. The Skoog is in fact a customisable music interface that simplifies playing a decent tune to a few basic movements, making music accessible to young children and people with disabilities and special needs.