Zoopa Q900 Phoenix

The Drone craze has been and gone, and there is no fear of receiving one of those cheap and impossible to control little buzzy bots in our stockings this year, what has been left is a variety of decent drones for the people might have the dedication to take the drone out more than once and learn how to control it properly. If you are looking to try your hand at aerial video and photography but still can’t bring yourself to stump up the cash for a top of the range model that you might instantly lose on its maiden flight, then the Zoopa Q900 Phoenix might be

Weber Pulse 2000 Grill with Cart

Yes! it is BBQ season, time to burn both your dinner and your skin whilst getting steadily more drunk in your back garden, pure bliss. The Pulse 2000 Grill from Weber takes some of the stress out of dining alfresco by using electric to grill without the hassle of lighting the flames, choking your friends and family with smoke for 15mins before trying to accurate place your food over the hot parts of the charcoal.

Wagner Universal Spray System W 590 FLEXiO and Wagner Universal Masking Kit Premium

After being formed in 1947 Wagner produced its first ever paint spraying gun in 1953 and are still making them over 60 years later, the Universal Spray System W 590 FLEXiO is a flexible sprayer for interior and exterior use. Created for larger projects where you want to spray both internal walls and other surfaces, there are two spray attachments one for low viscosity materials and one for high, and it can be used to paint walls, wood and metal.

Women's Under Armour Vanish Mid Sports Bra

Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one for the right exercise can be a real challenge, the UA (Under Amour) Vanish Mid Sports Bra has been created to provide support for medium impact activities like cycling, weight training and boxing. Available in a range of attractive colours, Black, Black with branding, Blue, Pink, Grey and my personal favourite Green, which is a two-toned design with a teal base and aqua detailing.

Under Armour Vanish High Sports Bra

There have been a couple of occasions where I have believed the hype and bought a high intensity sports bra only to find myself bouncing around during a tennis match or on one memorable occasion, bursting out of it during a cardio class. I was happy to see a high intensity sports bra arrive on my desk from a brand I already trust to produce high quality products.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic Running Shoes

With a 10k, two 5ks and 9 ¾ mile coming up (yes, that last one is a Harry Potter run), I seem to spend most of my work outs running. Sadly, following a Tough Mudder and another mud run that made the Tough Mudder look like a spar day, my old reliable shoes not only stink but have a whole in the mesh that is increasing in size with every outing. The Under Armour (UA) HOVR Sonic Running Shoes arrived just in the nick of time!


When it comes to gardening I have very little to maintain, the back garden is more of a quarry with a few raspberry canes and a handful of tulips for one month of the year, I pretty much leave it to do its own thing, the front garden however has a large hedge on the boundary (don’t ask me what kind, its green and seems to grow at the same rate as bamboo). I normally tackle this hedge by hacking away at it with a pair of sheers until I it looks half dead, or I get bored, whichever comes first.

Stadler Form Jasmine

We have all seen the advert from that well known odour neutraliser spray…we will call it Fab-knees…and they have given us house proud types something else to worry about, the idea that you are so used to living in the stench of your own filth that you can’t smell it anymore, there you are believing your house smells like a bed of roses when you house guests are choking back the urge to vomit over the smell of locker room with a hint of cat litter trays, altogether a clever bit of advertising.

Smoothskin Muse

From the people that brought you the Bare, the Muse from Smoothskin is larger and more powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) hair remover, created to help break the hair cycle and prevent regrowth, and resulting in permanent hair reduction. It is currently the most powerful home IPL hair removal device on the market, it comes with the SmoothSkin Muse, quick start sleeve, support programme invitation, storage bag, mains cable and power supply and it is suitable for legs, bikini line, underarms and face.

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Single XL with Suspension Straps

When me and my friends go camping we tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink, but some people like to travel a little lighter. Whilst I choose to sleep on the large blow up bed with sheet, duvet and pillows this isn’t always an option when people are travelling for long periods of time and trekking deep into the wilderness.