This Winter we wanted to try something different and have an outdoor Christmas Dinner, so last week we trialled the Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series Rotisserie on our Weber Pulse 1000 Barbecue.

As we have 10 guests coming to share dinner on Christmas day I didn’t want to leave it until the big day and hope everything went smoothly, if it didn’t, there would be 12 guests fighting over a tin of baked beans! 

The Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 Series Rotisserie box comes with the Spit itself, forks and an electric motor that was easy to place on top of the barbecue.  The electric lead is 114cm so there was plenty of flex for plugging into our extension on the ground and we tried out a 9lb Turkey on the spit, what was wonderful about the cooking process was that it will self-baste as it rotates!  The Turkey took 4 ½ hours to cook and was fully cooked through, crispy on the outside and most importantly tasted beautiful (thank you Nigella). I am really looking forward to showing this off by treating our guests to something different and our outdoor cooking experience will surely be a great occasion.

Hopefully some of you may be inspired to try switch things up with an outdoor Christmas Dinner too! RRP £179.99

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Cooks perfectly and evenly