From the makers of the Smart Turn System, an automatic indicator deactivator which prevents the rider from accidently leaving their indicator on and running the risk of causing an accident, the Brake Module has been designed with the similar ideas at its core: make motorcyclists intentions and actions more visible to other road users.

Motorcycles have brake lights just like cars, however there are some situations when it is dangerous to apply the brake and decelerating is achieved via engine braking or downshifting. This type of deceleration provides no visual indication, putting riders at risk of being rear-ended by other vehicles. You may have guessed already, but the Brake Module switches this up by providing a light indicator (through your existing brake light) when you perform these actions. This compact device flashes your brake light when engine braking and downshifting to warn drivers behind.

Just like the Smart Turn System, it is fairly straightforward to install with just three wires to connect it to your brake light. The unit then lives in the spot under your seat or your bike’s frame (somewhere accessible). There are clear instructions and a video to help you through it, but, if you aren’t very confident in your mechanical skills, you can always find a competent mechanic to set things up.

The brake light’s normal functions aren’t altered after installation, but it will offer you some more options. The module works using motion-sensor technology (acceleration and gyroscope sensors) which detect deceleration with high performing accuracy, measuring the state and position parameters of your motorcycle 300 times every second. This, combined with an algorithm that will detect deceleration, will flash your brake light to warn drivers behind that you are slowing down without applying the brake.

There are two options to choose from and they can switched on at any point on the main unit: ‘Flashing’ and ‘Steady’ mode, which are both self-explanatory. The Brake Module is a no brainer: it works seamlessly with your bike and it helps to keep you visible and safe on the road. Who wouldn’t want that? RRP €79.00

5 out of 5

Current Cheapest Price


Flashes the brake light when engine braking or down shifting

Straight forward to install

Doesn’t interfere with the brake lights regular operation

Flashing or Steady mode options

High performing

Increases visibility and protection from rear ending