RRP £179.95

Mirafit Lat pull down machine

If you're like me and prefer the comfort of your own home instead of trekking to the gym every day, this may be of interest to you. My garage is my gym and when I was asked to review Mirafit equipment I jumped at the chance. Mirafit are one of the best brands and I was delighted to have a shift around to make room for the Lat Pull down machine. If I am honest, if once tested I didn’t like it I would have no problem going back to my old set up. The machine did need to be assembled when it arrived, and it took me around an hour. The instructions were nice and easy to follow.

When the machine is in place and assembled it becomes obvious that Mirafit know what they are doing. There are no sharp edges of cheap welds, it looks and feels quality.

This is the Lat pull down machine by Mirafit and as the name suggests it is primarily used for lat pull downs but what makes it stand out from others is the ability to also clip onto other pulleys located in the middle and at the bottom of the machine which allows you to perform lots of other great pulling exercises. The machine comes with three attachments, the pull-down bar, a bar for rowing and an attachment for crunches or triceps. At the bottom of the machine is a foot plate that can be placed in an upright position making the bottom pulley perfect for seated rows. As well as being great for crunches, the middle pulley is the perfect height for chest flies and face pulls, this is a feature many affordable machines like this don’t include.

All attachments are easily clipped on or off which means you can use all of your standard attachments that you already own. I personally like clipping my tricep rope on the top pulley as it's perfect for tricep extensions.

Standing at 201cm, with a width of 61cm and depth of 140cm, this cable machine is a compact and capable addition to your home gym (it's also easy to move around when assembled).

The machine includes two sleeves that can be placed on the loading bar which allows you to use both 1 inch and Olympic sized weight plates which is an excellent feature that I found to be very useful as I have both sized plates.

All in all, the lat pull down machine by Mirafit is worth every penny. It is strong, well made, versatile and offers a huge variety of exercises. As a true testament to how good I think it is it is staying in the garage gym.



Well made

Lots of exercises

It’s Mirafit





5 out of 5 stars