Urbanista – Miami Headphones

Product Link: https://www.urbanista.com/uk/miami

RRP: £129


It is clear that the Miami headphones by Urbanista are already incredibly popular. Since being sent them for a review, they have already completely sold out on Urbanista’s website. Good work! It seems that we are very lucky to have a pair. We were provided with the burgundy red pair of headphones, but they are also available (once they’re back in stock!) in black, white, and teal. The vibrancy of these colour options has been inspired by the city of Miami. Many may think of Miami Beach, GTA Vice City, or Inter Miami when they think about Miami, but now you will associate the city with these headphones!

The Miami headphones provide you with many of the features that have come to be expected from wireless headphones. Naturally, they are fully Bluetooth compatible and are fully rechargeable via a USB charger. The Miami headphones also possess Active Noise Cancelling and the Ambient Sound Mode. Active Noise Cancelling enables the listener to block out the sounds around them, whether this be in the street, on a busy subway, or simply just the noise at home. Ambient Sound Mode does something similar, but also slightly different. This mode allows you to keep your headphones on at a moderately high volume whilst also being fully aware of your surroundings when you have your headphones on, again, this could be while you’re in the street, on a busy subway, or at home. It basically depends on whether you want to be fully submersed in your music or have your wits about you.

The Miami headphones sound wonderful in use. The frequencies are well balanced, and enough bass comes through without it feeling too overwhelming. The battery provides you with up to 50 hours playtime and the Miami headphones feel so comfortable that you could wear them for this whole time until you run out of juice. Perfect for long distance commutes or travel. On-ear detection also means that when you take your headphones off, the music or podcast you are listening to is paused. This is a great feature that I have always wanted on my headphones. If you are travelling, then the Miami headphones come with a lovely little travel case. You don’t need to fold the headphones to fit them in the case, which makes it slightly bigger than other headphone cases, but also means that the headphones will maintain the integrity of their structure for much longer. I’ve had folding headphones in the past and unfortunately, they can snap quite easy.

The Urbanista Miami headphones are everything that we want them to be. Great sound and comfort combines with new technology such as the ambient sound mode and on-ear detection to create a pair of headphones that are very convenient for the person on the go. All this for a fair price too. You can buy similar headphones for double the price, so if you want quality on a budget, get some Urbanista Miami headphones.


Rating: 5/5


On-ear detection
Ambient sound mode